February 25, 2013

shelves and more in Emmy's room

Big news here. The shelves are done! And we are so thrilled with them. The room feels finished now, and so warm, cozy, and full of character.

At first I agonized that my weathered grey stain seemed too blue, and did not match at all the brown-grey of the dresser. Now I am quite happy that they don't match. I like the variation.

I also added some seasonal flavor to the room. Instead of art over the dresser, which I've been hunting for but haven't quite been able to settle on yet, I threw together a garland with some jute string and old wooden Christmas ornaments we've had in our family since I was little. Emmy loves watching them spin and click together when she's up here for diaper changes.

The chalkboard also got a more wintery look. It took til February to get some real snow up here, but we're celebrating it!


Laura - Elsee Blog said...

Absolutely gorgeous! It is all so lovely. I love the simple bookcase shelves and the garland.

Cathy Wall said...

Everything looks fantastic! Love the idea of doing seasonal things in a child's room and the chalkboard is the perfect place to begin!!!

Holly said...

Books warm up and brighten any room - not to mention bring in the personality as well. We don't have shelves in Sheila's room but often have our favorites out in baskets and bins or stacked on her storage crates. Books will provide so many special memories for years to come as well. This looks great Casey.

Sarah said...

Yay! I love the shelves, Casey!!! They are so..can I just say "cute"?! All the accessories and baskets and personal effects you've added make the room that much more beautiful and appealing. So funny, we have those same wooden Christmas ornaments...I used them in my decor last year!! Love how you have hung them for Emmy. Glad that chalkboard wall is getting some use;) So pretty and lovely with the snowflakes!

Ashley said...

Simply adorable. How you find time to hang anything is impressive with such a little one. Yay, momma!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

No way! My family has those very same ornaments :)

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