March 15, 2012

target's getting their pillow act together

Looky what I found at Target! Great pillow styles. I know, I'm shocked too, so I had to take some pics to prove it to you all.

My jaw dropped at the look first, but also at the quality, which is quite nice for a few of them—namely the embroidery and down fill (I told you I was shocked, and this is what really made me get the phone out and start shooting) of the paisleys. The others are simply great patterns, something I've never, or very very rarely, found at Target before. In fact, I'd long stopped even walking down the pillow aisle because the choices were so disappointing. Not so now. These remind me of something you'd find at Pottery Barn or West Elm, for much more of course, these days. The Moroccan-inspired patterns are spot on, and the scale of the larger pillows is perfect.

Of course the prices are incredible, which is not a surprise at all. I think the most expensive of the bunch was $35. I'm tempted to pick up two or three for the living room, if I could only decide which colors I like best. The reds are kind of great, no?


Rachel said...

Those bue ones are gorgeous!

My Many Moments said...

The natural linen and blue's are great. Our Target hasn't gotten the others in yet. I was surprised by the quality as well. They would be a gret way to spruce up a space for Spring!

Melissa at HOUSEography said...

I just bought 2 of the linen/teal seen at the tippy top of your last picture. The quality is so nice. I may even cut the tags off and keep them! I'm considering the coral one at the top as well.... hmmmmm.

Holly said...

I've seen some of these in person and online as well - very impressed. I was over at IKEA today too and also impressed.

Pine Tree Home said...

I was smitten with Target pillows a few seasons back and now they are even better. Makes me say why sew, just buy 'em.

The Vintique Object said...

I'm all over the blue pillows, which I'm always attracted to. But you should definitely invest in some red ones. Because those are gorgeous too!

Ashley said...

I'm shocked too...I've steered clear of the pillow aisle for the same reason: low quality. But these pictures have me reconsidering--I mean, down fill?

Splendid Willow said...

Well, I think a Target run might be in order! (:

The red ones are pretty. But I also like the last one. Lovely pattern.

Hugs to you.


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