November 9, 2011

feeling fall

Going through the tons of images on my computer the other day, I came across a bunch of pictures I took of my yard last fall, and it got me all nostalgic for a time that's passed and a time I feel I like I'm missing right now.

See, I haven't been to the orchard, I haven't been to pick out pumpkins, and then with the snowstorm that pummelled New England recently, I feel like I've missed fall altogether and skipped straight to winter. So, this post is dedicated to fall and yes, stopping to smell the roses. Or maybe woodsmoke or apple cider donuts or something like that...

Last of the dahlias, but they last so long! I didn't plant any this year. That was a mistake. Must sow some next year.

Climbing hydrangea is slow to start but it's making good progress this year and should really take off next.

I really do love this season. Maybe I'll get in some time for apples and walking in crunchy leaves and cider and pumpkins this weekend.


Project Shannon said...

You know, I was actually feeling that same way. Where has fall gone?! But I love the pictures of your garden, reminds me that I should really plant spring bulbs soon.

René said...

I hope you do have a chance to enjoy fall. We have had those years in NC where we almost skip a season. I prefer to enjoy all four to their fullest. Is that cider that I smell?

Pine Tree Home said...

Crazy weather right? Luckily this week in NJ is more fall like if even a bit warm.

Ashley said...

Casey, this post made me so happy! I love the images around your garden, as well as the reminder to stop and smell the "woodsmoke and apple cider donuts".

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