September 19, 2011

unless you've styled, the room's not done!

Over a year ago, my clients invested some time and energy in a design and new furnishings for their master bedroom. And they were wowed when everything got delivered, when they laid down a rug, and when they hung curtains. I loved this room and saw what it could be. But they never had me over for the finishing touches, and it was feeling un-pulled-together.

this is a large master; the chairs in this seating/reading area are turned to face a tv mounted on the left wall

Well, the other day, I spent a few hours there to do some redecorating with what was on hand. My client and I collected accessories from all over the house and played with arrangements to finally style up this space.

ah, that's better! clutter's out, a pleasing arrangement of larger-scaled art is in. the chairs are arranged as in the original design,
and we found a basket for the cocktail ottoman to collect the remote and assorted stuff.

Of course, we still have some things on the agenda, like hanging the curtains higher, new bedding (maybe darker blue for some more contrast in the room and to pull out the blue in the rug), and lots of throw pillows. I'll show you pictures when that's all done, and I'll also show you the rest of the room, when the styling's really and truly complete!


Fran said...

Casey, a big improvement. I love the large scale art and I agree w/a darker color duvet/comforter! Also, I love their chairs!!

Cathy Wall said...

Fabulous! A testament to the importance of finishing touches, which can often be the missing link in making a room come alive.

Cathy @ Room Rx

A Vintage Vine said...

You worked your magic! The bookcases really work so much better now!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I agree, but I just wish that I had your talent with this area of decorating. I have plenty of accessories but placing them in pleasing vignettes is always a challenge. You did a beautiful job.

Ashley said...

A little bit of styling goes a long way! The chairs are fantastic, as is the new arrangement in the sitting area!

Bromeliad said...

Yes! So glad you tossed the tiny photo frames and the fake ivy.

The Vintique Object said...

Hi Casey,

I love how you layered the pictures and added a round items to the mix. I wish you lived closer. I'd hire you to come and style my house!

My Many Moments said...

I love the gallery of art you added and the different heights. Thanks again for being my guest post today ;)

Rene said...

Yay for Casey's styling! You are right - what a difference the art made.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Wow! Inspiring transformation. The best part is that you used things that they already had! Can't wait to see the rest of the room.

Splendid Willow said...


Now it is magazine worthy! Nice styling!

I am now a subscriber. That is how good you are!

ox, Mon

SHERRY HART said... much better. Of course removing the laundry basket really helped :)

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