August 30, 2011


All in all, we weathered the hurricane pretty well around here. We are very lucky no one was hurt and the house was not damaged. The power is back, after only 12 hours off, and I can take a hot shower and cook a meal again. Phew! Here's what it looks like around here.

We lost a big limb from the maple in the backyard. But it somehow managed to miss the fence and my veggie garden. Amazing!

My honey came home early Friday and finished up the lattice screens. (Without me asking. How great is he?!) They withstood the storm beautifully. Landscaping still to come and then I'll take some better pics and let you know how we constructed these.

Unfortunately not everything emerged unscathed. Thanks to a dumb accident (where I was balanced on my sofa arm trying to close a window and came down hard with my bare foot on something I shouldn't have!) I'm nursing a pretty bad injury to my left foot. Not sure if you can see the swelling and the bruising on the outside of it. Ouch! I still can't put much weight on it, and it's been bruised and swollen since Sunday morning. All I care about is getting better for the Italy trip four weeks from now. So at least all day, and as often as possible this week, you'll find me icing this baby with it propped up on some pillows and this computer right on my lap. Looks like that mess in the backyard's going to have to wait a while for cleanup. Hope you all came through the storm without a scratch!


Chanee Vijay said...

Ouch! I can barely see any swelling. I hope it feels better soon. I must say, you have very pretty feet!
Where in Italy are you all going? It's amazing!

Claud said...

I'm glad you are all safe and the house is not damaged at all. I've been following your blog and like it a lot.

I'm sorry about your foot. My grandmother always simmered a handful of dry oregano in water until the water was somewhat dark from the oregano. She would make us soak whichever limb was swollen on this water for a 15 - 20 minutes at a time. Wait until the water is hot/cool enough that you can stand putting your foot in and just let it soak. You can repeat this a few days. It's supposed to bring the swelling down.

I hope it gets better soon.

casey at loft and cottage said...

Thanks, ladies! Chanee, last year I did Tuscany and this year the man and I are trying the Amalfi Coast. I'm SO excited. Claud, I'm going to try your grandmother's cure!!

Rene said...

So glad that you are OK Casey! Saturday was really windy here and it felt like being sand blasted every time I went outside. Yikes! Sorry about your foot - so sounds like something I would do. Here's to being better in time for Italy.

The Vintique Object said...

Poor thing! I took one look at your feet and wondered if you had gone to get a pedicure during the storm. Your toes are perfect. Anyway, glad you came through the storm ok. I'm sure your foot will be better in time or Italy.

Laura Shubert said...

Love your blog. Been a reader for a while now. Glad you didn't have much storm damage.

My Many Moments said...

I thought you were showing off you pretty toes! Sorry, hope you feel better soon. Glad you guys came out of it safe and mostly damage free.

Lori said...

Glad you all came through the storm okay. Sorry about your foot, but your mani looks great!
Take care,

Kate said...

Get that foot better before your big Italy trip!!! Glad you made it through the storm ok. Your lattice screens are gorgeous!

Fran said...

Casey, hope your foot gets better real soon!! Four weeks to Italy - how exciting! Your lattice screens are adorable and I'm happy they survived the storm!! Take it easy!!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Oh Casey! I hope you are [literally] back on your feet again soon!
Glad to see that you guys weathered the storm. We had a couple of fallen limbs in the backyard and lost our power for 3 days, but nothing major.

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