April 24, 2014

the blue bedroom before & after

Today I'm excited to share with you all a recently completed project I had a lot of fun working on. Great clients help, but a great before-and-after makes for a really satisfying project too. It's the typical lonely, last-to-be-decorated master bedroom that was feeling empty and neglected and just needed more—more softness, more luxury, more layers to bring it all to life. And we did just that, all while working with those blue walls, that were admittedly a little brighter than the client was originally going for but that she ultimately liked and wanted to keep. And yay, we made them work! Here's the before.

And the pretty after.

The basic elements stayed: furniture, wall color, and recently purchased bedding. And we simply layered some lovely pieces into the room to give it some warmth and personality: new draperies, an accent pillow for the bed, lighting, and art and accessories. Amazing how you can transform the look and feel of a room without changing anything major. Window treatments can make all the difference, folks. It's true. Order some for the bare-feeling room, whether they're custom or retail. You'll be so thrilled you did. 

It's so comfortable to be in this space now—the walls feel just the right intensity against with the dark furniture and rich curtains, but the room isn't too heavy either. It now makes its owners, and designer, very happy.

April 8, 2014

the kitchen bench seat

Wow, I've been away a long time. How has a month gone by since my last post? At least we've been busy in our absence and have some pretty great projects to show for it.

our new bench seat, with a top still needing some paint;
many thanks to Rambling Renovators for the design inspiration!

I mentioned in our giant spring to-do list that we've been wanting to build a radiator cover/bench seat for our kitchen. The built-in seating solves so many issues: it covers up ugly radiators, it unifies them, it solves the lack of space in a small kitchen for seating, and it gives up-close access to the windows.

I should mention we had to do one little trick before we could put a seat over these radiators. Each radiator sat directly under a window, so we rotated the radiator on the left 180 degrees so it was closer to the radiator on the right. I suppose we could have skipped this and built an 8-foot-long bench to cover the radiators, but we really didn't need or want that length in our small kitchen. Besides, that left radiator was interfering a bit with opening the refrigerator and made the door swing seem cramped, so we wanted the breathing room on that side. 

Emmy can't wait to get a closer look out those windows

It really feels as if this is what our kitchen has always needed. We loooove this space now. I'm so enjoying hanging out on that seat (if and when Michael cooks). And lingering over a cup of coffee in the morning (with the radiator heat warming me through and through!) or glass of wine in the evening. And especially hanging out with Emerson watching out for birds and squirrels and cats and dogs on the lawn and sidewalks outside. Ideally we want a round table in here to even better fit this small space. And some proper chairs. All in due time I suppose. We'll take this for now!
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