March 4, 2014

target clearance & other deals

Before some new spring/summer merchandise hits, now seems to be a great time to find amazing deals at Target, if your local stores shelves aren't already bare. Check the ends of aisles for clearance, and look for sale stuff mixed in with the new Threshold stuff. I've nabbed a few things myself lately that I couldn't resist sharing. The prices (and styles of course) are so good, I suggest you get shopping before it's all gone. Here are some of my favorite finds, and some inspiration to go along with.

lonny mag

This grey hexagon lamp shade says it's not sold in stores, but I found it in my local store for under $7.

sarah m dorsey designs

Inspired by this diy fabric-wrapped chest, I found the coral shell drapery panels on clearance for less than $8 each and couldn't resist them. They're no longer online, but you should be able to track some down in store, and if you can't find the panels, check in bath—the same fabric shows up on a shower curtain.


I'm sure you've seen this darling accent table/stool in the color of the moment. A client just bought it for about $60 and loves it.

glitter guide

The Nate Berkus tray seen everywhere, but still so great-looking, neutral, adaptable, and stylish, for about $16 in store.

ws home

Adorable little leather-handled x-base table for under $65. So cute!

And there's so much more, you guys! What deals have you picked up lately?
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