February 25, 2014

our ikea wall lamp revamp

You may remember way back when I first started this blog I featured a little hack to our bedside Ikea wall lamps. These little lamps are so great over the nightstand and have given us more than their money's worth over the years, at $15 each. But I've been thinking for a long time now that they've been needing an update. They were just looking old and tired.

So I worked some magic on a Saturday afternoon with a little spray paint and some new fabric (actually some I already had on hand, so this was a nice cheap project).

I'm not sure what took me so long to bring this fabric into this room, but it is so perfect. I'm now in love with these sconces all over again. They've got a new look and new life.

The shiny gold really perks up the bedroom and adds a little glamour. I'm thinking I may want to bring some more gold accents in, to play against the cool walls.

Also thought I'd share another bedroom view, featuring a cute rug I picked up at Marshall's a few weeks ago. I had it in mind for our foyer, but until mud season ends, it's keeping relatively clean and working out just perfectly beside the bed. The little bullseye mirror was also a fun recent find, from Home Goods.

But these are my favorite recent bedroom shots, of course.

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February 19, 2014

what's coming up

In the hopes that spring really is on the way soon, my other half and I thought it'd be a good idea to get our projects lined up for when the weather decides to cooperate. We have slacked majorly over the winter, with a million variety of illnesses and terrible weather not on our side. Oh, and also, taking care of a toddler while drilling/sawing/sanding/painting is a bit of a challenge too. So we have every excuse in the world, but what we really need is motivation and a place to start. A few good lists are my favorite way to get organized and to find a way to start checking things off. Here's what's up around here for spring.

repave driveway
stain and seal new deck
paint exterior of side entry door
paint latticework under porch
paint storage nook door
replace glass pane in front porch window
replace front door pane (that's now plastic, ugh!) with glass
transplant boxwoods
general yard cleanup
plant veggie garden

front foyer
paint front door black
paint walls
add hooks/storage on back wall
living room
mount tv on wall
build radiator cover
put daybed in storage and move play table to window bay
recover cocktail ottoman
add lighting on console
redo art/hang wall of family photos
sell old lr rug
paint sconces
recover sconce shades
buy new table lamp/paint current lamp
rearrange art
paint/replace nightstands
finish hanging trim 
paint trim
build and install radiator cover/banquette
make/buy seat cushion for banquette
add pillows to banquette seating
buy new dining table
buy new dining chairs
cover bamboo shades to make fabric shades
hang art
buy new tray for coffee area
touch up grout 
seal tile and countertop
level refrigerator
paint walls
paint wainscoting
paint vanity
paint medicine cabinet
buy new hardware for vanity
emmy's room
finish and hang shelves
make/buy roman shade
make/buy duvet cover
make/buy pillow for chair

Okay, so I should have titled this post "spring, summer, and fall projects." Or "biting off way more than you can chew." WOW, this is way way way more work than I thought. Yikes. What do you all have planned around your homes this season?

*all images via pinterest, not our home, used for inspiration

February 11, 2014

in praise of the small kitchen

If you don't have a huge kitchen, you probably want one. Am I right? You dream of the ease of cooking elaborate meals in it, of hanging out with your family and socializing with friends in it, of feeling connected to other rooms in the house from it. But reality is another thing. Most of us have average-sized kitchens, and a few of us have really tiny ones. I really think there's something to be said for making those small spaces work, and making them beautiful in the process. They can be more comfortable to cook in and eat in than a really huge space. They are certainly easier to keep clean. And they can be good-looking and so cozy to spend time in. I would happily take any of these spaces.

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