October 29, 2013

our late summer wedding on the cape

I'm so excited to finally share our wedding photos with you guys! The wedding—small, super-casual—took place in early September on the outer Cape, and in some ways it already feels like a long time ago. But then looking at all these pictures again brings it all back so vividly, and it feels like it was yesterday! As you can see, we were blessed to be surrounded by our happy and loving families—and with absolutely gorgeous weather. Get ready for a big post full of pictures.

I'm in the process of choosing which pictures to print and frame, always a tough process but even more so when there are so many incredible photos to choose from. The photos were taken by my good friend Melissa of Melissa Nicastro Photography, who also happened to be there on the day I met my husband! How awesome to have her be a part of our day and capture all these special moments. And so wonderful to have all these beautiful photos to relive our perfect day!

October 23, 2013

life in the country

This home, and this gorgeous shot of a young family's upstate New York living room, in the October issue of Lonny makes me want to throw away three-quarters of what I own, move to the country, and slow things down.

It feels like life would be so much simpler here, with more time to be quiet, observe, and enjoy. But even in the country, there's still school, work, grocery shopping, and laundry to get done, so maybe the simple life is all an illusion. Eh, a girl can dream though, right?

October 22, 2013

ravens in the foyer

Have I ever shown off my foyer before? No? Well, maybe for good reason: it's an awkward space with crazy angled walls and a metallic paint job that I somehow thought would make this room a little gem but just makes it look like an art project gone wrong. Good thing Halloween came along. It has never looked better than it does now, all dressed up with these raven wall decals. Emerson is in LOVE with this room and insists we keep the door open so she can marvel at the birdies.

As a side note, this is also the favorite use I've found so far for an antique ribbon I picked up at Brimfield years ago.

Have you done your Halloween decorating yet? I never used to do it. I mean, I hated Halloween. But when you have a child, everything really does change! Just like they say it will. Seeing Emmy so excited means we're just beginning to get into some holiday decorating in our house that we never would have considered before.

Incidentally, notice this color scheme totally fits my previous post? Autumn black and gold, yes!

October 17, 2013

autumn black & gold

Every year I fall newly in love with this beautiful color combination for fall decorating. It has drama yet doesn't feel glitzy. Instead it's a classic.

available via elegant holidays at etsy

October 15, 2013

a last look at the powder room

Hi all! A little look at the finished traditional chic powder room I've been working on these last few months...

So hard to get a good picture of this tiny bathroom. Apologies!

So happy with the custom apron on the bottom of the sink cabinet.

A few elements did change, as they naturally do as a project evolves, but overall the look is just what we were going for and my client looooves her new space. How could you not when you think about what a huge change this room has undergone? As a reminder, here's what it looked like before.

We removed wallpaper and painted the walls but kept the paneling and just painted it a high gloss. The vinyl tiles were removed, and wood flooring was installed and painted. The vanity and medicine cabinet and toilet (and clothes rod!) were tossed. The cabinet doors and countertop also were removed. Custom doors for the built-in were made to match those on the new custom vanity. Marble tops the new vanity, a big splurge, so to compensate a bit on the budget, we just did a wood counter to replace the laminate countertop on the built-in. Finally, we brought in some pretty lighting, mirror, faucet, towel ring, rug, and so on to make this room feel complete. It was a lot of work over a lot of time, but the results are so worth it! A final look...

So nice to see this view from the hall now.

October 8, 2013

one year

Hard to believe our baby girl is one year old this week! 

Years ago, I wouldn't have dared tempt fate and imagine life with her. Now I can't imagine life without her.

What a year it's been. Thank you, sweetie, for the smiles, the hugs, the laughs, the love. Mommy loves you more than you know.
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