September 19, 2013

customizing bamboo shades

ashley putman | lonny

You already know I'm such a fan of bamboo shades for just about every room I've ever come across. That is no joke—I use them everywhere! They're versatile and warm and textural. Well, this project by Eddie Ross in October's Better Homes and Gardens got me even more excited about bamboo shades, if that's possible. See, I had almost forgotten how easy it is to get a really custom look with bamboo shades too.

This wasn't the first bamboo shade transformation Eddie Ross had done. You can paint them, with a pattern, a motif, anything.

You can add your own decorative tapes using a little fabric glue or hot glue and some beautiful ribbon.

You can paint decorative tapes too.

emily a clark

And finally, maybe a not-so-easy project, but incredibly beautiful. You can add ribbon or fabric trim and a lined backing that reveals the fabric when the blind is rolled up. Gorgeous!

via dering hall

I have a glue gun and some ribbon. I am tempted. Would you customize your bamboo shades?


Ashley said...

This is a fantastic post, Casey, and gives me lots of inspiration for jazzing up the bamboo shades in our bedroom. I really like the classic look that comes with adding black ribbon down the front of the shades. Very custom looking!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I so want to get some bamboo shades and would probably add something to them after I've had them for a while.

Emily A. Clark said...

Thanks for including mine! I love those gray and white strips shades.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Great the fabric on the back of the shade...

Anonymous said...

As much as I love bamboo shades...I don't like living in a fish bowl either. Any suggestions

casey at loft and cottage said...

I hear you! There are liners you can buy to block out light/ensure privacy, and I'm pretty sure I've also stumbled across a few tutorials out there for making your own. Good luck!

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