August 29, 2013

{end of} summer entryway refresh

So, it took me all summer to do it, but we finally have a new seasonal look for our mudroom. Can you call an entryway a mudroom when it is not mud season? I had been tiring of the mood of this space; it seemed so out of place during the bright, sunny days of summer and I was just itching to make a few tweaks to freshen it up.

If you need a reminder, below is the original room. Very autumn feeling.

And the summer look again.

The coral art didn't cost a thing—I just printed these on regular copy paper from Vintage Printable. The new basket was free too—I borrowed it from another room to hold flip flops here. The bag was on clearance from Target for under $3 (that price?!!) and holds all my gardening tools and things. And of course, everyone needs a beach towel ready to go by the door (now pretty much used just as a groundcover for baby to play on in the backyard). And the starfish had long been in storage in my accessory closet. Do you all have an accessory stash somewhere in your home? It's so handy when you tire of your accessories and want to make a quick switch.

And so now that I've got this room feeling all summery, I can't believe it's already time to change it back to its fall look. Ah, summer. Can you stay a little bit longer?!

August 28, 2013

more than just a laundry room

Suzanne Kasler does it again. I adore her style: it feels light, fresh, orderly, soothing. The September issue of Southern Living featured one of her recent renos. Have you seen it? This room in particular, even more than the kitchen, which is beautiful, don't get me wrong, was the standout for me. It's so much more than just a laundry room.

Of course, it's got a washer and dryer so it is a laundry room. But I see a door (a Dutch door, so perfect!) that could be an entry door, so this is also a mudroom. I see hooks and plenty of storage. I see gardening supplies and a sink so this is a potting room too. It does SO much, and it's all so darn pretty. All the white helps, and marble is elegant, but bonus points go to the painted ceiling (so fun to make a small room feel special!), substantial pendant lights, window treatment, and accessories like the mirror, basket, tray, and flowers that make this hardworking room feel so good.

August 22, 2013

simple, creative ways to hang art

Forget the picture frames. I just want to take a moment to adore this little art wall that showcases such a cute and clever use of drapery clips.

It elevates these little flashcards into a beautiful display. If you have extra drapery clips after you've hung all the curtains in your house, use the extras to show off some art. I promise it'll look beautiful, make you look incredibly creative, and help you feel super resourceful. I've also been noticing a lot of other creative and simple clip ideas for hanging art lately.

apartment therapy

Above and below, literally, hangers used to hang art.

page thirteen

elle decor

Clipboards as frames above, and binder clips below. The bonus for all these hangers, besides looking cool? They're practical, allowing you to switch out your art easily so your walls always look and feel fresh.

country living

August 21, 2013

so, this happened

We weren't planning on building a new deck this year, but our insurance company pretty much said, either it goes or your coverage goes. So...a few weekends later, we now have a brand spanking new deck! It was falling apart, and we knew we had to repair/replace it, but darn it, we were trying to avoid another major project this year. We have a wedding to pay for in a few weeks, remember?! But in an old house, stuff happens, and surprise repairs can pop up at any time. 

We got quotes for this job anywhere from $9,000 to $12,000. You're kidding, right!?! So guess what Michael did (with help from select family and friends—thank you!!)? In all, we spent about $1500 for materials. Not bad savings, I'd say.

It was not even close to being finished, but I couldn't wait to get the furniture back up there. 

In the end, we're happy to have a new, pretty, and safe place to hang out in our backyard. Now on to the next project: staining and sealing this beauty. Add it to the list.
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