July 22, 2013

choosing exterior paint colors for the cabin

This is Michael's house, a little cabin in the woods that we're currently renting out.

Michael's little house is in desperate need of a paint job. Not just because of cracking and peeling paint, but because the colors are so jarring and don't work in this setting.

the inspiration, or as close as I could find!

I'm aiming for a more natural palette, trying to find colors that feel at home in the woods. I'd also like to help the house pop a bit more. Gray-greens and gray-browns are what I'm after, and maybe you wouldn't think that could help the house "pop" at all. But I think reversing the typical paint scheme and choosing a lighter color for the house and darker color for the trim will achieve what I'm looking for. Especially since the house doesn't have great architectural detail, I think darker trim will help framing it the house, and the lighter house color will help it stand out from the shadows.

I've settled on Martha Stewart's Fennel Seed for the house and Thunderhead for the trim. I'm also thinking painting out the window sashes the same color as the window trim will give this exterior a little more of a modern farmhouse look, a la...

What do you think? Am I on the right track? And now a shout-out to our amazing tenants, who are offering to do the hard work of scraping and ladder-climbing and painting (and sweating) to get this job done. Yay, ladies! Thank you!


Fran said...

Love the colors Casey. I was just in Melrose, MA over the weekend and was inspired by the houses/exterior paint colors in my friend's neighborhood. Reminds me of the look you're going for!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Agreed! Love the new paint scheme and giving it a modern farmhouse vibe. Can't wait for the before and afters.

Kate said...

Wow- love your choices. Can't wait to see! The setting is gorgeous, too!

Chase said...

This is great!

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