July 25, 2013

a wedding in the works

If you'll remember, Michael and I got engaged last year, but we had this project to work on before we could make a wedding happen!

Emerson spring 2013

But now we're having fun planning another project: an intimate wedding celebration with our families. We are SO looking forward to getting together for our wedding weekend this fall on Cape Cod. We have a gorgeous, private cottage rented where everyone can stay for the weekend. You may remember it from our pre-baby getaway last fall. 

Emmy has a dress.
I have a dress.

We have a permit to have the ceremony on the beach (let's hope the weather cooperates!).

We have a charming, picturesque spot on the water for cocktails and dinner.

We have a lot to look forward to!

July 22, 2013

choosing exterior paint colors for the cabin

This is Michael's house, a little cabin in the woods that we're currently renting out.

Michael's little house is in desperate need of a paint job. Not just because of cracking and peeling paint, but because the colors are so jarring and don't work in this setting.

the inspiration, or as close as I could find!

I'm aiming for a more natural palette, trying to find colors that feel at home in the woods. I'd also like to help the house pop a bit more. Gray-greens and gray-browns are what I'm after, and maybe you wouldn't think that could help the house "pop" at all. But I think reversing the typical paint scheme and choosing a lighter color for the house and darker color for the trim will achieve what I'm looking for. Especially since the house doesn't have great architectural detail, I think darker trim will help framing it the house, and the lighter house color will help it stand out from the shadows.

I've settled on Martha Stewart's Fennel Seed for the house and Thunderhead for the trim. I'm also thinking painting out the window sashes the same color as the window trim will give this exterior a little more of a modern farmhouse look, a la...

What do you think? Am I on the right track? And now a shout-out to our amazing tenants, who are offering to do the hard work of scraping and ladder-climbing and painting (and sweating) to get this job done. Yay, ladies! Thank you!

July 17, 2013

stripes & simplicity

Have you ever checked out your recent pins on Pinterest and seen a common thread you hardly knew existed? I just noticed that a lot of what I've been pinning lately features stripes and a feeling of simplicity. No wonder, I guess. Stripes just scream summer to me, and this is also the season when I long for simple, relaxed spaces.

July 15, 2013

how-to: curtains as doors

A little while ago I got a comment from a reader who had stumbled across my post about using curtains in place of doors asking me what I used for hardware and how I went about mounting and hanging drapes in a doorway.

house beautiful

I hadn't really thought about the answer to this question, but I figured it was worth discussing since after a bit of trial and error I've finally found what works great for mounting a curtain inside a doorframe.

There are a few ways to go about replacing a door with a curtain. First, if you can, and if you want, you can just mount standard drapery hardware in front of the door opening, as in the image above.


If you truly want the curtain to sit inside the door frame, you can use standard drapery hardware again—it's just a bit harder to find the hardware that will allow you to have a rod running between two wall sockets.

I diy-ed my version a bit because I didn't want to hunt down the drapery hardware required to fit between two walls or a doorframe. As I mentioned, it can be a bit hard to find. I also didn't mind doing something different, because I love bamboo but bamboo drapery hardware can be pricey. Here's something close to what I used. You might be able to find yours at a local discount store. I found a bamboo pole in the garden section, probably meant for staking, but perfectly good as a curtain rod. And I spent under $20 on all the materials (including rings, which you may or may not want or need to use, depending on what kind of header your curtain has).

You can then slide your curtain right through the rod and hang, if you curtains have a pole pocket or grommet header. See below.

wnc magazine

Or use clip rings and slide the rings on. This is how I did it for my shower curtain.

loft & cottage

But there as many ways to do this project as there are ways to hang something and places to hang fabric. Here are a few decorative, pretty ideas I love.




July 10, 2013

in the swing of summer

Hard to believe that summer is already in full swing, and I'm feeling like it's halfway gone. I wish I had time to post more here and really miss it, but we've been busy with the babe and travel and just life, and I'd miss that more! These days are just flying by, and we're trying to make the most of them. 

precious beach time

outdoor play time and making faces

michael's been working at this house on the cape; at 20,000 sq. ft., it's just a little ostentatious. but an amazing view!

this is the master bedroom

Emmy getting her balance

time with Papa

and Nanny!

eating in fancy restaurants

and savoring the view
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