June 27, 2013

this little house came on the market

Nope, we're not really ready to move just yet, but just for kicks I occasionally stalk the real estate listings in our area (this is our idea of a good time, right?!). And when I stumbled across this 1880 property in our neighborhood and for a very tempting price I started dreaming...

The stone wall is especially charming.

And you know I've always wanted a barn.

The interior leaves a lot of room for improvement, but that would be the fun part, right? Can you see the potential?

I think we would jump on this place if we could be guaranteed to sell my house and Michael's house that we're currently renting quickly. But then again this place is not huge—at only 3 bedrooms and 2 baths it is not much bigger than where we are now—so despite all the charm it may not be the most practical choice. But I'll continue to dream. And stalk.

June 26, 2013

dining beautifully in the kitchen

My current obsession with these gorgeous eat-in kitchens must be because our own kitchen is still not really finished, let alone decorated. We have crown molding to put up and lots of trim to paint. We have a table and chairs to buy and art to hang and window treatments and a rug to consider—and those are what really make these spaces so appealing. It seems other projects just keep taking priority. But I'd love to turn my attention back here. I really want to start my day (and end it) in a space as beautiful as these!


I'm loving that I'm seeing these spaces return a bit in popularity in the design world. They are supremely practical—cooking and serving and eating in the same room except for the most formal meals just makes sense—and can also, as these images attest, be so stylish and welcoming.

June 13, 2013

baby girl's dresses on display

In her closetless room, I've been trying to think of a place and a way to hang up Emmy's dresses that I didn't want to keep folded in drawers. Luckily, she's only got a few nice dresses to hang, so instead of a rod with hangers, which was my first thought, I decided to take advantage of the space on the back of the door with this cute set of hooks I found the other day at Home Goods.

I could have used hangers here too, hung from the hooks, but opted to hang up her dresses without. It feels more simple and casual this way. Love that her special clothes are up and out of the dresser, and even better, make an adorable display!

June 6, 2013

powder room progress

The other day I got a chance to stop by and check out the progress with my powder room reno client. I hadn't seen the work in person yet, so I was floored to stand there and take in how this room is looking now! Please excuse the not-so-pretty photos, but even with the poor lighting I think you can probably get the impact of just how huge this change is.

If you don't recall, here's what it looked like before.

I am even more excited now to see all the finishing touches come in—faucet, mirror, rug, etc—and will be sure to share with you all!

June 5, 2013

armoires: beautiful storage

Whatever happened to the armoire? They've gone somewhat gone out of fashion in interior design in the past 10 years or so—or at least the massive ones used to hide a tv have, which is just fine. But in many interiors, they never went away, and I'm glad. If the scale is not too huge, I think an armoire can be so beautiful and functional in almost any room. If you're lucky enough to have a cabinet like this, I hope you're showing it off and putting it to use in your home!

in the kitchen

in the bath

for kids' stuff

for your stuff

for china and serveware 

as a bar

for books

for linens

Although the vintage armoires are lovely, a cabinet doesn't have to be an antique to be great-looking and hardworking. Do you have one in your home? How are you using it?
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