April 30, 2013

catching up

I know I have more than a little catching up to do, folks. Here's a little roundup of what we've been doing instead of blogging!

practicing our yoga (okay, just playing in the living room). and oh yes, recovering the ottoman

enjoying a little spring color on a warm evening

learning to crawl

having a blast on vacation with the family

loving the water

enjoying this south carolina view

Now that our spring vaca is over, I really am looking forward to getting back into organization, client work, and blogworld again. Also looking forward to spring in the Northeast. Has it come to you yet?

April 10, 2013

tone on tone

It may take work, but creating a room in shades of one color does not have to be boring. I'm working on a design for a very neutral, very monochromatic (no pops of color, really!) bedroom right now and have been looking for some inspiration. I think these may be tough rooms to achieve, but they are ultimately my favorite. Instead of relying on different colors for interest, you get to play with pattern and texture and scale and form. Here are some of my favorite rooms to study when it comes to working in similar tones.

Amid very soft neutrals, the striking chandelier stands out.

Another neutral room, this one rich with pattern and texture and many shades of beige. So cozy and not boring at ALL.

Simple, pretty in whites, caramels, taupes, and golds. Shapes stand out.

Shades of blue are far from predictable with lots of pattern, large-scale art, and high contrast of dark woods and whites.

Lovely soft, rosy pinks. Plenty of white and dashes of gold make it sophisticated.

Tone on tone lets you play with pattern.

You can do monochromatic boldly too. Berry red is so great all over this room!

But I really prefer neutrals like the blue grays here. Thinking monochromatic often means you're going for soothing, and soft neutrals work so well for this look. Textures play on chairs and walls, patterns play on draperies and rug, and form and scale have fun on the chandelier. Subtle AND interesting. Tone-on-tone perfection.

April 2, 2013

fast & fresh spring fixes for the bath

I don't think I ever showed you all some decor changes I've been making in my bathroom, and it's high time! And last month I was feeling the need to make a few quick and easy updates to bring a springy fresh feel to the room.

The new shower curtain is actually two drapery panels, opening in the center, hung from a bamboo pole. The panels are longer and wider than a traditional shower curtain, and hung high up, they give a tiny bath some height and drama. The bamboo is a nice natural element too, tying in to the others in the room, like the baskets.

I love a clear glass container for displaying anything in the bath, especially if it's white, like soaps, cotton balls, and cotton swabs. White=fresh. Filling a container=fast.

The cut boxwood is a nice dose of green for spring and took all of about two minutes to cut from the yard and stick in a cup. I picked up the emerald color too in the soap dispenser and votive on the vanity.

I got tired of trying to coordinate tissue box designs (all not-pretty choices!) to my decor and instead bought a little basket to hold the tissues instead. Buy regular tissues, take out of box, insert in basket. Voila! This works best with the tissues that come in the reach-in tissue boxes instead of the single-pull-out boxes. And the picture above is a quote is printed from the web on regular printer paper and tossed in a frame. Instant art.

I also painted my own art, modeled after so much of the black-and-white abstract stuff that's out there now. This way, because it was cheap and quick to make, I won't feel so bad when I get tired of it and want something new! Making it was a super-fast and super-impact project I loved. I am now obsessed with creating my own abstracts for every room. And as long as you don't look too closely, they are pretty great-looking! Do you do the seasonal freshen-up in your bath, or bedroom, or kitchen like me? Please share your fast fixes for spring!
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