January 7, 2013

what we've been up to

I trust everyone had a wonderful holiday?! know we did, celebrating our first with Emerson and the entire family in Connecticut. We felt especially blessed and enjoyed every minute.

We posed for pictures.

with my nieces, and my mom. love how the dog is nosing her way into this one

And played.

we like to talk lots these days

And even went swimming at the hotel. Emmy loved the water, though it really tired her out!

if there's anything cuter than a little baby in a bathing suit, let me know

In the meantime, around the house, I have found little time for projects, but it seems Emerson is napping better these days so I have no excuse! I have some ideas for her room. And I have to show you where we are in finishing the kitchen. It also appears I have a new client (work? yikes!) so you'll get to see progress there too. Thanks for sticking with me, friends, as I've been away enjoying baby and settling into life with the little one. I'm hoping to make more regular appearances here and get back to checking out your blogs soon too!


Cathy Wall said...

Casey enjoy every minute....there is always time for projects and clients. Glad you had a wonderful holiday and all the best to your family for 2013!

Holly said...

Sounds like you're in heaven and enjoying your little girl as you should be - she is getting so big and such a cutie!

Ashley said...

Those eyes! What a beauty. You must have had the most wonderful holiday--thanks for sharing a little peak of it with us. Glad to have you back!

Fran said...

Casey, these are great pictures!! Love seeing Emerson - she is so cute!! Glad to hear she is falling into a regular sleep routine; there is no better gift than that!! Happy New Year!

René said...

So great to see you back at blogging! Emerson is just as cute as can be and I know you both are enjoying her. I love the floating shelf project you have planned for the nursery and distressed wood sounds perfect! Happy new year Casey!

Sarah said...

Hi! Happy New Year!! Wow, I can't believe how big she is already! The holidays definitely take on a new meaning when you have a little one to share them with. That's awesome that you got her in the water already. She is so cute, and I still think she looks just like Michael!!! Good luck with your new client. I have been such a bad blogger, can't really find the energy to care if I post or not...oops!! Gotta get back in the swing of things.

Kate said...

Oh, Casey, I loved seeing the family photos, especially your adorable little girl! Can't wait to see the nursery as it progresses- keep us posted! I've been busy doing some kitchen remodeling here and just finished the tile backsplash- forgot how hard DIY home improvement can be!

Julia said...

Baby Emerson is such a cutie! Enjoy these early days...they pass to quickly.

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