August 28, 2012

the nursery basics

The baby's room is still pretty bare bones for now, but at least most of the bigger pieces and basics are all here. This nursery is obviously going to be a long work in progress. But since so many of you asked, I figured I wouldn't wait for one final reveal (because really, will there ever be one final design?) to share with you some of the sources for the room.

wall color: martha stewart heavy cream
wall sconces (not installed yet!): pb kids metal sconce

chalkboard wall: rustoleum black
sheepskin rug: ikea rens sheepskin rug
basket: privet house for target (no longer available)

I'm still thinking about bedding and I really want to buy something asap and get this room looking finished. But I'm thinking I should wait (patience, patience) until after baby arrives, so I can get a little color in here that speaks more to boy or girl. It's so hard to find good-looking neutral bedding, and anyway I think this room is all neutral-ed out by now and needs some fun color. And it's SO hard to have patience at this stage. Five weeks to go now, friends! Tomorrow on the blog: kitchen update. We have countertops!


Pine Tree Home said...

I love both rugs. I can see sitting cozy playing with baby there!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Looking good in there!

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

Great dresser choice for a changing table! It was one of the best purchases we made for the nursery. Perfect height, craps tons of storage. I can't wait for the room to come together - and you're going to want more than one set of sheets - so buy one now and buy a "fun" color later!

Holly said...

Love it Casey and perfectly neutral to boy or girl up once your little one arrives. How about getting just a crib sheet for a little added color? You'll a few of them anyway and would probably be a nice inexpensive way to add a dose of color.

The Vintique Object said...

Loving the neutral basics in here and I bet you'll love adding the color when the baby arrives. That's super smart of you to wait...

melissa said...

This is gorgeous - did you ever blog the finished room? I'd love to see it! (I tried looking for it on your site but didn't see it.) Thank you!

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