July 24, 2012

hello linoleum

This is our kitchen today.

Lovely linoleum lived underneath the white tile and cement board. It's pretty thin, and laid right on the wood underneath, so we think we'll be okay to lay the new wood floors right on top.  

Everything's gone now. No sink and no water. No electric for the range.

This is our "kitchen" too. The working kitchen. Needless to say, floors and cabinets in the real kitchen cannot come soon enough (but there is a holdup in the shop with the cabinets—grrrr).

I had planned a while back to write a post about staying sane during a kitchen reno, but after several breakdowns I realize that it is making me crazy and the idea of me writing that post would be laughable. So, no. There is no staying sane. Especially when you are pregnant with no kitchen and just 10 weeks to go before baby makes his or her arrival! That's if he or she doesn't arrive early (but everything's going great, and there's no indication of that at all). Still, I want to be ready NOW. Would you be freaking out too?


Meg said...

First of all, my grandma had that linoleum in her beach house, only in avocado green so I have a really strange love for it.
Second, I'm going insane with our kitchen and I'm not even under the timeline of a new baby's arrival. You are certainly allowed a couple of breakdowns. Get them in now, while you still have an excuse!
Slow and steady wins the race. Just keep truckin'. I bet you'll have that kitchen completed by the time that little one makes his or her appearance. And if not, baby won't care.

Lori R. said...

I have worked as a project manager for a general contractor for 15 years and have an interior design degree so am very familiar with renovations and their individual quirks/problems. Two summers ago we flipped our kitchen and dining room around. No problem, I'm used to it but by the end of 6 week project I too had a meltdown. That's coming from someone who usually is the shoulder for our client to cry on so it sounds as though you are holding up pretty well under the circumstances. I know I would have flipped on a daily basis if this had been through any of my three pregnancies.

Sarah said...

Aw! Hope you are hanging in there, Casey!! Can't imagine how hard it must be not to have a working kitchen while being prego. But hang in there, it is going to be so worth it in the end!!! Just picture yourself making the little one a bottle in your new space:) Too funny, Jenn from A Home in the Making just did a post about how she has organized all her kitchen stuff while they are remodeling their kitchen, check it out:)

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Hell yeah, I'd be freaking out. Having already lived through one kitchen remodel (and another in our future), I can concur that it is no picnic. I can't even imagine how you must feel being pregnant. Though as they say, all good things come to those who wait, and your new kitchen is going to be well worth the wait :)

Heather Dzioba said...

I usually have numerous meltdowns while we are working on projects around the house, so don't feel bad. We finished our entire basement last year while I was pregnant with our third child, and lived to tell about it (barely:) I tried to remind myself over and over again that it would be great when it was done, and it is!

My Little Bungalow said...

I think you have every right to be anxious and frustrated, Casey. But try to stay calm and keep telling yourself that you will have a wonderful new kitchen soon -- and a beautiful new baby arriving shortly thereafter.

Kate said...

Yes! I totally felt stressed with no inside shower (luckily it was August in Florida so cold outside showers felt great) or kitchen when Olivia was born. Not fun at all! Hang in there....keep taking care of you & that beautiful baby amidst the chaos!

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

I would admittedly be going crazy. We redid our bathroom with about 10 weeks left in my pregnancy, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack - not to mention a kitchen! But better to be done now than after the arrival - trust me!

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