July 26, 2012

look what showed up in my mailbox yesterday

Feeling incredibly grateful to have such sweet, thoughtful friends! In fact, this surpise in my mail yesterday was so touching it brought me to tears. The help is MUCH needed. Now if we can get the kitchen going and clear out this nursery soon, we can get to work. Thanks, Carrie & Sarah!

July 24, 2012

hello linoleum

This is our kitchen today.

Lovely linoleum lived underneath the white tile and cement board. It's pretty thin, and laid right on the wood underneath, so we think we'll be okay to lay the new wood floors right on top.  

Everything's gone now. No sink and no water. No electric for the range.

This is our "kitchen" too. The working kitchen. Needless to say, floors and cabinets in the real kitchen cannot come soon enough (but there is a holdup in the shop with the cabinets—grrrr).

I had planned a while back to write a post about staying sane during a kitchen reno, but after several breakdowns I realize that it is making me crazy and the idea of me writing that post would be laughable. So, no. There is no staying sane. Especially when you are pregnant with no kitchen and just 10 weeks to go before baby makes his or her arrival! That's if he or she doesn't arrive early (but everything's going great, and there's no indication of that at all). Still, I want to be ready NOW. Would you be freaking out too?

July 19, 2012

elements of the new kitchen

I'd take an updated picture of the kitchen progress, but sadly (frustratingly) there isn't much to show! White tile is gone, but now there's linoleum. Cabinets are close but not quite ready, and until they're ready we won't be laying down the new floor. Ahhh...okay...this is the part of the project when it feels like it will never end. So instead let's focus on the positive, right? Here are some pretty things that are going into the new kitchen.

The best part? They're all here and ready to be installed. Soon, let's hope!

July 17, 2012

cooling off

I'm working in my third-floor office and waiting for the AC to kick in. Between the long walk up the stairs, carrying a few extra pounds thanks to baby, and this heat, I am wiped out already and it's only 10 am. I think that makes it high time for a pool and pool house roundup thanks to Pinterest. I'll be dreaming of swimming in these cool waters today and spending the hours lazing away in these lovely (shady) spaces.

So yeah, I may have to take a long break at my neighborhood pool this afternoon. It's too hot not to. Stay cool, friends!

July 12, 2012

be our guest: summer guest room

In the midst of renovation, I'm taking special pride in any space in our house that feels pretty much "done." As much as that's possible in any design obsessive's house ;-) Anyway, here's how our little guest room under the eaves is looking lately. It's got its bright summer look going with the hot pink quilt and yellow-trimmed sheets.

Hmm, I should probably iron the sheets, yes? The little stool stands in for a nightstand since there's no room here for a table or anything bigger (the door is immediately to the right of it). As for the mirror, I thought about putting it in the nook behind the headboard to sort of expand the space. I still may do that. Thoughts? I have art I can hang where the mirror is. The only thing is, with that placement you won't see the mirror until you're fully in the room and so it won't be the "focal point." Not sure it matters though.

And check out the mirror—have you ever seen anything like it? I recently found it at TJ Maxx for $10! It has a very antique feel and is just so interesting with the pierced detail and hexagon inside a square shape, and I just fell in love with it. For 10 bucks, how could I resist? Do you like? Do you think I should move it to behind the bed? And hang it vertically instead of horizontally as it is now? It's not wired to hang that way, but that's an easy change. All these questions...and you can see what I'm leaning toward....

We still need a window treatment here because it gets mighty hot and bright up here in the summer. I'm thinking of trying to diy a Roman shade. I have some Celerie Kemble Bleecker Absinthe fabric left over from previous projects. If I line it, it should work well up here. Wish me luck! Other things: yes, I know the tv is not so pretty (the cable box especially), but it's practical and nice to have for guests, so I compromise on aesthetics and keep it up here. Also, yes, that is a basket of baby goodies on the floor there that's just waiting for a nursery downstairs to live in. Cannot wait!

July 11, 2012

our neutral nursery design board

It's so fun to start pulling ideas together for baby! It's all I want to do lately. And since we don't know whether it's a little girl or boy baby on the way, I wanted to stay mostly neutral. These items and ideas I've had percolating for a while, so it's nice to see them in one place. Some new additions: the coral red and turquoise block-printed fabric from Rikshaw Design to add some much needed pop (maybe as crib skirt or bumper). The coral feels just the slightest bit feminine, but I love it so much I'm hoping it could go either way. Thoughts?

July 9, 2012

kitchen update: goodbye white tile

It's safe to say things have been chaotic around here, hence my disappearing for a while. We're getting back on track though, and by the end of today, the white tile floors in the kitchen should officially be history.

I'm doing a little happy dance inside ;-) I have really hated that tile from day 1 of living here.

Of course, underneath the tile is an even tougher-to-remove layer of Durock. Which was nailed down instead of screwed down, adding to the pain of removal! So, it's slow going, but we are almost there. Or I should say Michael is almost there, because all I'm doing is cheering him on. And sweeping up at the end of the day.

And here's what else is new:
Ceilings, walls, closet (in the foreground). And everything's painted! The area to the right of the chimney is a mess, but it'll all be covered up, up to the ceiling, and fully built out with cabinetry. Soon! ETA to finish the kitchen (the majority of it at least) is the end of the month. I'm starting to think we can actually do it!
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