April 3, 2012

bare naked windows

This time of year, I love how the light changes. It's suddenly brighter, warmer. And of course, it sticks around a lot longer each day. It just makes me happy. If I were privacy were not a concern, I'd absolutely leave my windows totally bare where I could. Let the light shine in!

There's something so freeing about a naked window. And it feels like the perfect way to welcome the season. Of course, my windows need a good spring cleaning. Don't worry, I wrote about how (and why) to wash windows here.


My Many Moments said...

Love this post. I totally agree. I would give anything for black industrial windows in our home. You wouldn't find one curtain in my house for sure. Great photos.

annie said...

I love windows without any window coverings, especially if there is not the question of privacy.

We bought an old house and I was just looking at the photos sent from the agent (I actually have not seen the home yet)...no window coverings...I'm loving it! Especially after this post!

René said...

I totally agree! The lighting has changed so much in our home in the last month. The sun casts a warmer glow - gone is the cool tone of winter. Love bare windows and the modern feel that comes with.

Kathysue said...

Love bare windows, I very rarely have a window treatment, only for privacy. Love open window policy. Kathysue

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