April 30, 2012

totally unnecessary rearranging

First off, thank you for all your sweet and thoughtful comments about the baby! It was so touching to read every single one of them, and I should have told you that so long before now. I have the best readers, many of whom I'm so happy to call friends. You guys make this all worthwhile. But, I've been crazy busy with an editing project and life has been packed full this past week (oh, and it's a project I should not have taken on, because of the time commitment, as it turns out).

Anyway, I've been so busy and have so much on my to-do list that naturally I spent Saturday doing something totally unnecessary: rearranging my office. Unnecessary because my office will be moving upstairs in a matter of weeks. But, it was a mess of bills, and piles, and papers, and I have too many other tasks that I wasn't able to start or didn't feel like starting, so this made sense to me, in a weird way. I felt accomplished, even though I wasn't able to check anything off my list. But mabye the office is a good place to start getting organized and on-task?

Am I the only one who does this?

Seedlings and other outdoor stuff stand ready to go outside, when the weather truly warms up. And I turned my desk for a new perspective. Sometimes that helps. This week, I'm hoping to do some things that are really on my list: order a measure for the new carpet to be installed upstairs, and call Chuck to get him started on refnishing the exposed brick in the kitchen. Once those moves are made, I feel like we'll be on track to get the kitchen remodel rolling and moving my office upstairs—all to make way for baby. How was your weekend, everyone?

April 23, 2012

and baby makes three

You may have been wondering why you haven't seen any wedding-planning posts here since our engagement back in February. Well, that's because we have some other much more important planning going on in our lives now.

The big news is: I'm pregnant! Michael and I could not be more thrilled. See, we've both wanted a family for a very long time, but for many years, too many to really dwell on now, life just wasn't cooperating. We were each with the wrong people, or we were lonely, single and hoping and searching. Last year everything changed, and when we found each other and it finally felt right, we knew this was one thing we both wanted—and didn't want to wait any longer for.

Well, we were lucky. I can't believe how lucky. And now we're going to have a fun and busy summer of kitchen reno, moving my office upstairs, and tranforming my old office into a nursery. And of course planning for our litte bundle of joy. It's all got to be done by the end of September, at the latest! So just a few more months. I'm glad you all will be coming along for the ride with me. By the way, baby name suggestions welcome!

April 19, 2012

another living room sneak peek

Do you like seeing these works in progress? Here's another living room that's close to the finish. We still have to find some lighting for over the dining table and in the living area, patch up the walls where we removed sconces, and find some finishing accessories and maybe an additional table or two. But overall, I love  how it's coming out. It's a bit feminine, but not overwhelmingly so. It just has a nice soft, soothing vibe now.

The fabric swatch will be a pillow to come...

And this is the before. Not much of a living space at all. You'll notice we kept the dining table and buffet, just balanced things by rearranging and adding fabric-covered chairs to soften up all the wood. You might remember the original idea board. We made a few changes but are pretty much there! There's nothing better than seeing a design come to life! I hope to have more to show you in the next few weeks.

April 16, 2012

pinning heaven

As my pins have grown, I've started to notice my Pinterest boards weren't as specific as they needed to be, and pictures weren't always in the right places. I spent some time this weekend organizing everything, and since I love organizing and streamlining just about anything, this process made me very happy. Seriously, it's almost embarrassing how satisfying it was cleaning everything up!

I still have some categories to complete, but it's getting there, and it's so much better now that I can find where I put things. As in, I know I've loved this image and I'm SURE I've already pinned it. Or, remember that room with the sofa and the pink chair and the rug...my client would love that, if I could find it.

And I scanned a few more images I'd torn from magazines to add to my Pinterest collection.

I'm also always looking for more great people to follow. Let me know who you are on Pinterest if I'm not already following you!

April 11, 2012

highland street inspiration

Yesterday I got a chance to catch up with my friend Gwen and was lucky enough to get a tour of her newest project-in-progress: new construction just outside of Boston that looks and feels antique—but better! You might remember her last project, a gut renovation and addition that I photographed and wrote about here after it was all done and decorated.

Who does new construction like this anymore? It's absolutely stunning, and a perfect fit for this neighborhood full of large older homes.

The porte cochere and carriage house are great exterior elements that add to the charm. (The carriage house is actually the only part of the property that is original, and is now undergoing renovations.)

But the best part was that when I walked into the kitchen, I was greeted with the kitchen I have been dreaming of—and planning! although, yes, on a much, much smaller scale!

Hello, taupe cabinets! This is my color scheme. And Shaker-style door too.

I am loving the softness of the cabinet color, even more than my choice. May have to switch, yet again.

How about those windows?

And because I couldn't stop taking photos, this is the family room off the kitchen, which leads down to the basement family room. Again, the size of the windows is just stunning. And the windows let in a ton of light downstairs too, which makes it really not feel like it's underground.

More windows! These rooms are going to be bright even on the darkest days. I seriously want to move in. And this home is only going to get better. Stay tuned for a real house tour when it's complete, sometime in June.

April 9, 2012

new pillows make me happy

My daybed has gotten a little spring makeover.

Yup, I went ahead and bought those pillows from Target. I'm in love with them! They're nice and big and soft and down-filled. Needless to say, this is where you'll find me at the end of the day ;-)

P.S. Have to give a shout out to Sherry for the beautiful iron keys now hanging on my wall. I won them in one of her fab giveaways, and I'm so happy to have found the perfect spot for them!

April 5, 2012

living room taking shape

Remember this idea board I shared with you a while back?

Well, the furniture has arrived and the room has started to take shape. So you can appreciate the transformation, even in its early stages, here are the befores.

The fireplace is on an angle from the front entry.

The living room opens to the right of the fireplace. A big space. A big awkward space with that angled fireplace. You can see it was used mainly as storage and a play area! But now here are the main pieces in the space. I showed you the ikat chair earlier this week. She ties together all the shades of grey and caramel in the room.

It's amazing what a difference the sconces make. Good lighting is essential.

And yes, those are the chairs. Remember the chairs? My clients loved them too. Lucky. And the rug is the HomeGoods find. Lucky again. And with the rug savings, it kind of worked out that they splurged on the leather chairs.

Now the fun accessory part. Stay tuned.

April 4, 2012

every room needs some living thing

It must really be spring, because almost every room I see posted on Pinterest lately features some fresh flowers or greenery. But I love flowers and plants in decorating any time of year. No room is complete without some living thing!

Now I'm off the cut something fresh from the yard. Happy spring!

April 3, 2012

bare naked windows

This time of year, I love how the light changes. It's suddenly brighter, warmer. And of course, it sticks around a lot longer each day. It just makes me happy. If I were privacy were not a concern, I'd absolutely leave my windows totally bare where I could. Let the light shine in!

There's something so freeing about a naked window. And it feels like the perfect way to welcome the season. Of course, my windows need a good spring cleaning. Don't worry, I wrote about how (and why) to wash windows here.

April 2, 2012

getting my monday act together

Monday can be a little intimidating, looking forward to all that needs to be done during the coming week. I have lots to do, including finalizing the kitchen paint color. After too much deliberating, I think it's finally going to be Benjamin Moore's Stone Harbor, a nice taupe that seems, in the light in our home anyway, to sit perfectly between brown and gray. You've may have noticed it in this month's House Beautiful. Yup. I think this is going to be it. {And yes, it is pretty much the same as my kitchen wall color now. Boring, I know!}

We've also done the cabinet plan—huge sigh of relief! And once we finalize the cabinet color, we're ready to put the order in. So, what else are we waiting for? Well, money for one. We've had so many expenses the past few months and are trying to catch up before we start ordering flooring and lighting. I'm watching the dollars and cannot wait til we get there!

Another task on my list: get together some recent pics of a new project. The big pieces are in, and the transformation is already incredible. A sneak peek, and I am in love with this chair...

What's on your list this week? How about we all have another cup of coffee and browse Pinterest for a while before we get to work?!
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