January 10, 2012

a late Christmas present

My iphone has arrived! Yup, after a long delay due to high demand, one of my most longed-for Christmas gifts showed up at my house yesterday afternoon. It was a cinch to set up, beautifully designed in every way, and I am now hooked.

My new cover is on its way too, found just in the nick of time on sale at Joss & Main, from blogger Karrie Kaneda at her online store Happy Habitat.

And how totally happy are these covers? Mine is a hot pink chinoiserie trellis pattern. And what about the inside of this phone? What apps do I need, should I have, would make my life easier/more fun? Have you tried Siri yet? Thoughts? All recommendations, tips and tricks welcome!


Pine Tree Home said...

Great gift. I just happen to love that I can check email and website while away from home.

Laura Garcia said...

Ive had my i-phone for a year now...and LOVE it. I also ordered one of the Happy Habitat covers this week...too cute! One of my favorite apps is "Around Me". I use it all the time to locate places and get directions...and it works wherever you are - perfect for travel. Check it out!
Laura @ elegantnest.blogspot.com

Ashley said...

I am one of those people living under a rock for the last 5 years and haven't yet switched from my Blackberry to an iPhone...so, naturally, I'm totally jealous of you, Casey! I love seeing all the instagram pics iPhone users share...will you join instagram?

casey at loft and cottage said...

Thanks for the rec, Laura. And Ashley, I don't know much about Instagram (I'm still living under a rock too!) but will definitely try it out!

Dana {Southern Inspired} said...

YAY!! You're going to LOVE it! I like your cover choice too!

Holly said...

I can't go anywhere without my iPhone - enjoy it! Isn't it awesome? I also agree that it's wonderful to be able to check e-mail anywhere. I really love the Etsy app, Instagram, are you on Twitter? Pandora is awesome too. It's a whole new world Casey!

The Vintique Object said...

I also just got one before Christmas. I'm going to check back for more comments because I need some recommendations too.

What about the app that allows you to match any color you see with a paint color? Is it Benjamin Moore? I can't remember.

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