January 20, 2012

don't forget!

Happy Friday, everyone, and a reminder before the weekend: Don't forget to enter the awesome pillow giveaway! (It ends Sunday.) Your house needs freshening up, right?

via house of turquoise

And speaking of forgetting, I have not forgotten about showing you my jute-wrapped headboard project. It's just that I'm making painstakingly slow progress on it. Think hot glue, burnt thumbs, running out of supplies, etc. It's going to look great as soon as I can put a few more hours into it though! Wish me luck on it—and wish me motivation—again ;-)


René said...

You are the clever one. This is going to be a wonderful dose of texture in the room!

Happy weekend!

My Many Moments said...

Oooooo! Can't wait to see it!

Fran said...

looking good, Casey!! Can't wait!

The Vintique Object said...

Oh yeah, that is going to look awesome! Casey, I recently made a jute covered round mirror and the burns on my fingers!! (No pictures yet, I haven't decided where to hang it.) I can only imagine how much work this is going to be based on my teensy project. But I know it will be well worth the effort.

My Crafty Home-Life said...

You can do it...just set a small goal like 4 rows before noon....2 rows before I make dinner...etc. You will be surprised at how fast it will go.I'll check back!

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