November 1, 2011

introducing the ribbon shade

Pardon the interruption of organization week, but I just couldn't wait to tell you about my talented friend Melissa's new ribbon design window shade. I've been relying on Windows by Melissa for all recent my client projects and could not be happier. And then look what she comes up with. Love. This. Style.

The ribbon-trimmed flat Roman shade has quickly become her top seller. Makes sense. It's white canvas with grosgrain ribbon sewed on, not glued, and she offers it at a super-affordable price that includes all materials. You just tell her what color ribbon you want, and it's done. Could not be easier. As is everything when it comes to working with Melissa.

And it's so classic. The design could work for every window in every room.

I'm very happy to have Melissa as a resource, and back here as a sponsor. Be sure to check out her shop and see what other styles she has to offer. And she can pretty much fabricate anything you need. Here's just some of what she can do.


Rene said...

SO glad to hear that you like her work. I have used her myself and have been very pleased. Love the ribbon shades!

A Vintage Vine said...

WOW, that is beautiful! Great inspiration....I love roman shades.

Ava said...

Do you have an opinion as to whether you can do both a roman shade AND blinds on a single window? I love these and am thinking about ordering, but I have been hesitant as I am unsure if it would look weird to have both blinds, which I already have on the window, and the roman shade. The blinds are nice, custom, and are throughout the house and on other windows in the room so I am hesitant to take them down. I have drapes on the other windows, but wanted something a little more tailored for two windows on either side of the master bed. thanks for your input!

casey at loft and cottage said...

Hi Ava, you can definitely do it! Check out the second to last picture in my post--that is from a client's room I did where we already had bamboo shades. It's the same idea, doing a soft drape/shade over a hard treatment. I'm a big fan of layering your window treatments!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Fabulous. Just fabulous. I'll be keeping these in mind!

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