November 28, 2011

more projects & not one done

Did everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving? We had a lot of great family time and I even got some projects under way. But still nothing is quite done and ready for viewing. That always seems to be the way. But I'm really in the mood to complete some stuff. Before I start decorating for Christmas!

Today I'll be sewing my new dinner-napkin pillow covers closed. You can see how autumn-perfect these colors are. Too bad my color scheme now needs to be more winter.

I'll be brainstorming some finishing touches for the bathroom. Here's a sneak peek of the shower curtain, and by the way I'm in love with how it's looking!

And working on lighting and accessories for a client project. And...completing floor plans for two other rooms. So, as you can see, my plan for December: Finish things! Knock things off the list! What's on your agenda?

Oh, and I couldn't resist sharing the family photo from the weekend. I wish we had gotten one too for Michael's family, but here's the Cheskey clan, in the first picture we've had all together in ages. So that's another thing to add to my list—frame this!


René said...

I completely relate to this. Maybe you will motivate me to finish some things before Christmas. Your shower curtain and bamboo rod look great!

Love the family picture! Yes - it is frame worthy.

Project Shannon said...

Love the shower curtain - great find. I can't wait to see the bath all done! And I am sooo right there with you. I start projects while I have 10 others waiting to be completed. Such is life.

Holly said...

Family photos are the best - I need to get a good one at Christmas. Certainly looks like you had great weather as well. I too can relate to the almost done some point I'll get them done. I love your shower curtain!

My Many Moments said...

I never get tired of seeing your DIY daybed/cozy nook. I love those pillows. What a great idea making them from napkins! I have some home projects I need to wrap up myself. It is just hard when your on a budget.

Sarah said...

Such a good family pic!!! Oh gosh, my list of unfinished projects is endless. I'm shooting to complete one (besides decorating for Christmas) before our annual holiday party!! Wish me luck:) Loooove those pillows!!

Kate said...

What a sweet photo of you all. Tara's kids are so big and adorable! Good luck knocking things off that list!

The Vintique Object said...

Cute family photo! I can see the resemblance. Love your shower curtain on the bamboo rod. And your new pillows are really pretty too. As for the sconces, I've pretty much decided that there is no better way to make a room look chic and finished than sconces.

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