November 30, 2011

thanks & a design board

Thanks for all your help yesterday with the chair dilemma, everyone. It is a great leather chair, but I know I can live without it. I'll be presenting some other options that are not as crazy expensive. All in fabric. But, just so you can see how awesome this room would be with the chair in it, here's the design board as it stands today. This room is big and needs a lot of seating. Two seating areas, in fact. Can you tell?

Also, could you tell, if it wasn't fall now, that I designed this room in autumn? The golds, pumpkins, pewters, espressos, and caramels totally have a seasonal feel. I'm sure I'd be doing different colors if it were summer, but the clients love neutrals and this is what I'm drawn to now. Let's hope they are too.

November 28, 2011

chair desperation

Help! This chair is soooo incredibly perfect for my client's room, I can't get over it. And I need to get over it. Because it's $1999 {yup, that's 2 grand) and we need two of them. Needless to say the Dylan is breaking the budget. But isn't he handsome?

I'm looking for an alterative but have come up empty. I really like the modernized wing style and the caramel leather color of this chair. Any ideas, dear readers?

more projects & not one done

Did everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving? We had a lot of great family time and I even got some projects under way. But still nothing is quite done and ready for viewing. That always seems to be the way. But I'm really in the mood to complete some stuff. Before I start decorating for Christmas!

Today I'll be sewing my new dinner-napkin pillow covers closed. You can see how autumn-perfect these colors are. Too bad my color scheme now needs to be more winter.

I'll be brainstorming some finishing touches for the bathroom. Here's a sneak peek of the shower curtain, and by the way I'm in love with how it's looking!

And working on lighting and accessories for a client project. And...completing floor plans for two other rooms. So, as you can see, my plan for December: Finish things! Knock things off the list! What's on your agenda?

Oh, and I couldn't resist sharing the family photo from the weekend. I wish we had gotten one too for Michael's family, but here's the Cheskey clan, in the first picture we've had all together in ages. So that's another thing to add to my list—frame this!

November 23, 2011

thanksgiving table

This is just a perfect fall table—and so easy to achieve!—with white plates, gold chargers, clear glass, white votives, and autumn fruits set on linen.

I really can't wait to hop in the car and head down to Connecticut with my one-and-only to see my sister, brother-in-law, nieces, and mom and dad. Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. I know this year I am certainly counting my blessings. Enjoy!


November 22, 2011

sophie conran for portmeirion

Since this is a week of feasting and entertaining, I could not ignore the topic. Thanksgiving turns everyone's attention to the table. And though I won't be home and hosting this year, it's still definitely on my mind.

When I was down in Pennsylvania last year and visited Terrain with my parents, my mom bought me a beautiful serving pitcher (that's also a measuring cup with gorgeous script on the inside) from Sophie Conran's tableware collection for Portmeirion. The mixing bowl above is amazing too. Have you seen these pieces?

I wouldn't mind completing the collection. It has a beautiful tactile feel and a totally classic, versatile look. You can dress it up for the most elegant dinner but it still feels relaxed enough for coffee and scones for breakfast or soup and a salad for lunch.

It's a little bit modern and a little bit country. The wavy organic lines make it feel like it just came off the potter's wheel.

 And yet the lines aren't haphazard. Instead they impart a grace and sophistication I adore.

Luckily I'm traveling this Thanksgiving and not hosting, so there's still time to replace my sad, stained and chipped dinnerware! So for next year, I'm envisioning my new dishes and bowls at home in settings like this. And bringing any of these moods into my home...

windsor smith

darryl carter

sarah richardson


sandra morgen design

southern living

cottage living

November 18, 2011

from the idea book: entries, stairs & details

I don't know about you, but all I feel like doing today is looking at pretty pictures. I'm slowing down and ready for the weekend to begin. Time for another installment of scans from my inspiration book. It's been a while!

country home june 2004

We're still at the beginning, moving through the house, and so it's all about foyers, stairs, millwork, ceilings, and architectural details. Hope you find some inspiration and pinnable stuff here too. Have a great weekend, everyone!

traditional home oct 2006

source unknown

cottage living

house beautiful 

source unknown
source unknown

house beautiful june 2008

traditional home

house beautiful

noel jeffrey design

cottage living

source unknown

November 16, 2011

a long weekend in hilton head

I'm back! And hopefully you didn't even know I was gone. Michael and I were lucky enough to get to take another little vacation, this time just three days over the weekend, to visit my parents on Hilton Head Island, SC. We have a timeshare there, and while the word timeshare conjures up horrible images, I am happy to say that this resort opposes any idea you might have about those places and is actually pretty amazing. The setting is so natural and beautiful. And it's all just instant relaxation the minute you arrive. Have you been? It really is gorgeous. And spending our time there with family made it all the more special.

Tall sea pines, low grasses, and stone drives.

The boardwalk leads you over the marsh to the beach. You always see a few egrets and other marsh birds.

There are a few pools, but the one by the ocean is my favorite.

Kayaking is so peaceful. We explored around Broad Creek for a few hours on Monday.

Spied this egret but this was as close as I could get before she got impatient with us and took off.

Meanwhile, the pelicans don't care how close you come.

The last day was foggy and overcast but warm. I love the sun, but I love these kinds of days on the beach too. There's a standup paddle-boarder out there in a wetsuit, and a ship beyond.

Finally, my parents. (Check out my dad's fancy new camera! Can't wait to see what kind of shots he got.) Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for a fantastic visit! We had a wonderful time, and wish we were still there! But it's so nice to know we'll be able to meet back at the same place next year and the year after that and the year after that...

little white lights

I'm sure you've seen these rope lights before, but did you have any idea they could be so elegant? I'm blown away. In an all-white space, and simply lying atop a piece of trim, they are perfect. Might have to sneak some into my home somewhere, especially since it's almost the season of little white lights!

November 15, 2011

budget glamour (& the credit loop)

I try and try to get rid of my Banana Republic Visa, but how can I when they keep sending me rewards? Some I can resist, but the latest was 30% off at the outlet. Hi, I was so all over this. Especially since for a while now I've really liked BR Factory Store merchandise much more than what's in the regular BR stores.

So, $168 later, I am thrilled with my purchases, including a few glittery things perfect for the holidays, or really any season. I got sooo much stuff—pants for work, yoga pants, cute cardigan, two dressy t's, two dressy tops, two long-sleeve men's shirts, earrings, and nail polish.

But the catch, of course, is that to get the 30% off their already discounted prices, I had to pay with my BR Visa. So, there you go! And my recent shopping almost undoubtedly earned me more rewards. Which I will want to use but must use the card to do so. Hence the credit loop. They're smart, those marketers. But I'm okay with it. If I can come home with all this for wayyy under 200 bucks. Every once in a while, of course!
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