October 24, 2011

a rug in the kitchen

Looking through this month's Traditional Home I was charmed by this classic, comfortable kitchen. I adore the paint color on the cabinets, a sort of yellow/green/taupe. As the designers says, those colors are best which are hard to describe. Yes!

Pardon the wrinkly scan! Traditional Home image

The other thing that caught my attention: the beautiful antique rug filling up much of the floor in all of those same colors. It works perfectly here to complete the cabinet color and to warm up the space. It makes it feel more living room and less work room. I could definitely spend lots of time here.

The other side of the kitchen is pretty great too. No rug view though.

This got me thinking about rugs in kitchens. I know they are just asking to get dirty so easily in a kitchen, and they may not be fun to clean too often. But if you could, would you? Do you dare, or do you think they're fooling us all and that the rug here is just styling and not for everyday use?

high gloss

martha stewart living


high gloss

elle decor

bosworth hoedemaker

I checked out my kitchen image folder, and 99.5% of them do not include a rug. But it seems somehow civilized to have one. I think I would like one. And maybe not even an indoor/outdoor one either. Discuss.


Melissa said...

I think a good compromise would be an indoor/outdoor rug!

Holly said...

I love the look of a rug in the kitchen. Our kitchen is really in need of one but I haven't found anything yet to fill the void. Did you see the grey kitchen this month in HB? No open shelving, but it's gorgeous and thought you might like it as well.

My Many Moments said...

I am saving right now for a vintage persian runner for my galley kitchen. I love how a rug makes a kitchen warm. I think with all hard surfaces it is important to warm up a kitchen.

Ashley said...

I am in the minority here, and I do have a rug in the kitchen. It certainly adds a colorful element to an otherwise-bland space (we rent and can't change the cabinetry). I went with an inexpensive Dash & Albert cotton rug, because I worry too much right now about my husband making a culinary mess on a nicer Persian or Turkish rug. Perhaps someday I'll get over that.

But, I haven't had any accidents so far!

Meg said...

. I used to have a pretty sisal rug in my kitchen but you saw every drop I spilled on there. I think the patterned version would hide stains and spills better.

The Vintique Object said...

I think if you're going to rule out an indoor/outdoor rug, Persian is the way to go. It won't show stains, and I think also you've got to be either super-duper clean OR not care that your rug will be less than spotless. I used to be of the former opinion, but with kids around, I've had to let up on my standards. I'd absolutely do a Persian in the kitchen if I could find one I liked and at a price I could afford.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

We had one in our kitchen, but eventually took it out because it was getting trashed. Maybe it would work in a kitchen where the owners didn't cook?

My Little Bungalow said...

I've always loved the look of a rug in the kitchen, especially a Persian or Oriental rug, but have asked myself the same question about practicality. We had a little rug once in our kitchen that we bought at the farmers market. It was woven from leftover pieces of denim and fabric and our then-puppy thought it was a large chew toy for her. I never replaced it.

Kate said...

Love all the inspiration photos in your post. We had a beautiful antique Indonesian rug in the kitchen, on top of terracotta tile.......it was short lived as I didn't like crumbs and food drippings falling on it and it never looked clean. Although I love the idea of a cozy, colorful rug in the kitchen, it somehow felt unsanitary......maybe just a result of two young kids constantly "helping" their mom cook!

Kelsey said...

I have a dash and albert rug that I wash once a week (I have a four year old and a one year old) and it has stood up to wear and tear perfectly for two years!

Anonymous said...

I've had an Oriental rug in my kitchen for years. In my opinion goog Oriental rugs seem to repel dirt. When it gets dirty I take it out on the patio and wash it with a scrub brush and mild soap. Then I hose it off. My uncle, an oriental rug expert, told me that years ago.

Cathryn J said...

I put a Ballard Designs indoor/outdoor rug in my kitchen just this summer. I love the color, smooth-ish texture and easy clean up. I am now looking for a thick rug pad so that I have some padding while I stand at the sink since the one I have under it now is super thin.

Rene said...

I like a rug in the kitchen and really like the Persian rugs. They might hide stains better than other options?

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