October 28, 2011

prelude to organization weekend

Happy weekend, everyone! Forgive me. I'm skipping right over this day and moving straight to Saturday. What's on the agenda? Some work, some relaxing. And lots of house stuff. It's official that my roommate has moved out and Michael has moved in, and that means there's lots of organizing and rearranging to do.

{By the way, full disclosure: these pictures are not from my house! They are what my ideal house would look like!}

Closets are first up. Going to be fun trying to fit another set of clothes in there! And switching out my summer for winter stuff.

Then there's the kitchen stuff.


Then office.

{all images via pinterest}

I know that's ambitious, but I'm feeling like it's doable. And I'm so into it. Really. There's nothing I love more than order and putting things in their right place. Maybe if I'm happy with the results, I'll open up the closets and medicine cabinets and share here next week. Maybe?!?! Well, enjoy this weekend, guys! Hope you have some fun and satisfying projects on your agenda too!


Carolyn@SweetChaos said...

Well, I have to say I was relieved to see the pictures were from pinterest! I thought they were all your storage spaces, and I was feeling unworthy to even be reading this post :) Good luck with your projects this weekend. I have some serious organizing to do... you may have inspired me to tackle some of it!

Project Shannon said...

That first closet pic - and the bathroom storage! OMG. I would DIE to have my bathroom cabinet look like that! Seriously, I die.

Ashley said...

First, congrats on your guy moving in. What fun adventures you will have together! :)

Second, I'm so jealous of this organization. Though I consider myself to be an organized person my nature, I've been slacking lately. Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated. Have fun!

Holly said...

Then you can come to my house and help me organize too. I've got house stuff on the agenda for this weekend and maybe a little organizing because I do need to put all the warm weather stuff AWAY. Enjoy!

Sarah said...

OMG! Wait, room mate as in Sarah? And Michael is moving in? ***happy dance*** (not because Sarah is gone, I really liked her) but because this must mean things are serious between you two, and that, my friend, is awesome!!! congrats!! so happy for you. definitely exciting to get organized and start mixing his things in with yours:)

Meg said...

Ambitions, yes. But I love to organize too! I love the feeling of satisfaction when you put that last thing away in the closet and tote all the gently used items off to the Goodwill! Happy organizing!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Congratulations! You'll make a beautiful home together :)

The Vintique Object said...

Congratulations, Casey and Michael! What fun. Nothing spurs a good organizing fest like trying to fit more stuff in one space.

I'll look forward to seeing some pictures -- I could use some organzing inspiration. Although, these are pretty darn great!

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