October 31, 2011

an organized pantry

Well, the weather tried to sidetrack me from my organizing mania, but it turns out that you don't need heat or hot water or electricity to get lots of stuff done around the house!

I got done everything I wanted to, starting with the kitchen. I'm pretty happy with the organized pantry. Noting fancy here, just baskets to group like items together, the toaster oven tucked away in there (seems to have enough clearance and not get too hot, but I would not leave unattended), and a rail with hooks for shopping bags and my insulated lunch bag.

Would love to do this up a bit more with wallpaper or at least a different paint color on the back wall, but with a new kitchen hopefully on the way this winter this is a good temporary fix that will keep me sane! Stay tuned for more tomorrow: we still have the medicine cabinet, the office credenza, and the bedroom closet left to go!

October 28, 2011

prelude to organization weekend

Happy weekend, everyone! Forgive me. I'm skipping right over this day and moving straight to Saturday. What's on the agenda? Some work, some relaxing. And lots of house stuff. It's official that my roommate has moved out and Michael has moved in, and that means there's lots of organizing and rearranging to do.

{By the way, full disclosure: these pictures are not from my house! They are what my ideal house would look like!}

Closets are first up. Going to be fun trying to fit another set of clothes in there! And switching out my summer for winter stuff.

Then there's the kitchen stuff.


Then office.

{all images via pinterest}

I know that's ambitious, but I'm feeling like it's doable. And I'm so into it. Really. There's nothing I love more than order and putting things in their right place. Maybe if I'm happy with the results, I'll open up the closets and medicine cabinets and share here next week. Maybe?!?! Well, enjoy this weekend, guys! Hope you have some fun and satisfying projects on your agenda too!

October 27, 2011

still not over sliding barn doors

Nope. Not over them. They're becoming more and more common. But I still want to live in a barn. And I still want a sliding barn, or sliding any style, door somewhere in my house! What do you think? Too trendy? Or a new classic?


pinterest: original source unknown

pinterest: original source unknown

su casa designs

west elm



pinterest: original source unknown

And I still really love them at headboards. Dramatic scale, texture, and an unexpected rustic element, especially in a more modern room? I'm all over it.

October 25, 2011

taking home a little italian art

When you go on vacation, do you love to come home with a little piece of the place you visited? I'm not talking knickknacks or cheesy mugs or t-shirts, but I do always seem to pick up a few things that speak to the culture; it usually ends up being food of some sort! When Michael and I were in Positano, we were sucked in by this artist's cart with some cool images of the town. What I loved what that you usually see these metal engravings in black or shades of grey, but these were done in sepia and azure. I thought it was a great twist on the standard. We chose the blue.

I picked up a couple of document frames at Crate & Barrel. They were surprisingly affordable at just under $15 each.

The trick was finding where to hang these babies. They ended up on this perfect little (okay, awkward little, but perfect for this art) wall. I liked the idea of the Palladian Blue paint color as a sort of mat for the blue art. I think they can stay here for a while.

Couldn't get a shot without the glass glare! And why are my pictures so grainy?! Time for a new camera. It'd be great for home but great on vacation, too!

October 24, 2011

a rug in the kitchen

Looking through this month's Traditional Home I was charmed by this classic, comfortable kitchen. I adore the paint color on the cabinets, a sort of yellow/green/taupe. As the designers says, those colors are best which are hard to describe. Yes!

Pardon the wrinkly scan! Traditional Home image

The other thing that caught my attention: the beautiful antique rug filling up much of the floor in all of those same colors. It works perfectly here to complete the cabinet color and to warm up the space. It makes it feel more living room and less work room. I could definitely spend lots of time here.

The other side of the kitchen is pretty great too. No rug view though.

This got me thinking about rugs in kitchens. I know they are just asking to get dirty so easily in a kitchen, and they may not be fun to clean too often. But if you could, would you? Do you dare, or do you think they're fooling us all and that the rug here is just styling and not for everyday use?

high gloss

martha stewart living


high gloss

elle decor

bosworth hoedemaker

I checked out my kitchen image folder, and 99.5% of them do not include a rug. But it seems somehow civilized to have one. I think I would like one. And maybe not even an indoor/outdoor one either. Discuss.

October 21, 2011

a teen girl's room

This week I've been working on pulling together a new grownup look for a girl's bedroom. So fun! And this girl's got style! The bedding we started with was her choice, a bright raspberry red duvet with a little ruched embroidered detail in plum.

I presented quite a few fabric choices and was thrilled that she picked the one I adored. It perfectly pulls out the grape color of the embroidery in the bedding, tones down the bold red/pink of the duvet, and a classic linen, it's going to look incredible in this room even way beyond the teen years.

The wall color is a light greyed-down lavender, and we even decided to do a shade darker in the alcove where the bed will be placed, a great way to add interest and coziness.

Round it out with some other chic elements, like a graceful full-length mirror...
And a lounge area with floor seating, a cozy rug, a coffee table...

And I'd say this is one space any girl would be excited to call her own. Can't wait to see how mom and daughter make this dream room a reality. I promise to post pictures when it's done!

If you want help creating a room you'll love, contact me about my design services.

October 19, 2011

what's inspiring me now

There are too many images cluttering up my desktop, and you know what that means—a random inspiration post! Here's what's inspiring me now.

california closets

This image really speaks to me for fall. Is brown back?! Love the chocolate walls here. And the organization. And the Italian foods!

house & home

Isn't the deep grey bookshelf wall stunning? And who would have thought it'd make such a cool functional headboard? Even more, I love this grey paired with lively colored and patterned bedding.

Claire Danes' hair. Enough said.

traditional home

An enormous black and white gallery. Stunning.

via for the love of a house

I haven't stopped thinking about redoing our kitchen. This one has such a fresh yet inviting feel and perfectly balances warm and cool elements. It's exactly what I'm after.

west elm

I've had my eye on West Elm's handknit throw for ages, so how thrilled was I when I found it was on sale for $39.99? (There are still some left if you want!) Cozy throw, you are mine. I got it last night. Surprised I am actually sitting at a desk right now, instead of wrapped up on my sofa in this yumminess.

What's inspiring you right now?

October 18, 2011

visit me at inspire me heather

Today I'm happy to be guest posting over at Inspire Me Heather about my favorite, easiest and biggest-impact diy project to date—my Ikea runner and nailead stairs.

Remember this one? I've also scoured the web for other ideas for dressing up your stairway, and there are SO many awesome ideas out there, I wish I had another staircase in this house! Speaking of awesome ideas, that is what Inspire Me Heather's all about—drawing attention to all the clever and creative blogger diy projects out there. I could spend days on her site. Honestly, I pretty much already have, and my project list is now bursting full. So make sure to check out all the other amazing projects she's featured. And enjoy!

October 17, 2011

my mini mudroom makeover

It's done!

Ready for a little before-and-after to start your week off? Well, this weekend I finally painted that kitchen entry door black, and my mini makeover of my mini mudroom/entry is complete at last. Here's what it looked like last winter. {Yup, that's how long this little project has been going on!}

What a mess. The disorganization just kills me. And it's so cold. Those plain white walls. Ugh. I really did have all the functional basics—hooks and the basket and even the mirror. But there was still way too much stuff here for this tiny space. And there's was no style. Nope. None, whatsoever.

Finally I got my act together and started painting, both walls and door. I debated painting the mirror, but I like the warm wood tone now against the toffee-colored walls and black door. And here's that black door.

The slate floor that used to bother me looks totally right with the colors around it now.

I had fun printing out these bird friends out and framing them. And my mirror is still the original finish. What say you: Leave as is or paint? As I said, I kind of like it now. It works with all the deep tones here. 

And since everyone loves a source list, here are the details. Though, fair warning, much of this stuff is not new. Try Home Goods or Target now for the accessories.

wall color: Benjamin Moore Brandon Beige
door color: Behr Premium Plus Exterior {since I used this for the outside too} Jet Black
iron hooks: Ikea, years ago
mirror: Bed, Bath, and Beyond, years ago
basket: Target, years ago
bird prints: Vintage Printables
frames: Walmart

And a last look again at that black door. It makes the space! Or does the wall color? Or the birds, since they draw the eye up? Or the mirror, because of how it expands the space and provides storage? Ah well, it's all good now.

I'm linking up to Rene's organization party.

Cottage & Vine

October 14, 2011

mudrooms & entries part 2

I think I might love this set of inspiration shots even more than yesterday's. Oh, they're all so good. Which one do you like?


house and home

house and home

the zhush

robin stubbert

ana white


sarah richardson

pottery barn

traditional home 

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