March 14, 2011

a big girl's room in chicago

Lately I've been realizing that I've done a few projects I've neglected to show you all. Yikes! Bad designer! This week I'm going to correct that, starting with an e-design client from Chicago ready to move her daughter from nursery to big girl room in preparation for baby number two. This was so much fun and easy to do long-distance, because not only did my client send me lots of pics and excellent measurements, she sent me a Flip video too taking me on a tour of the room. Best e-client ever! We started with a room primarily used for storage and an occasional office. From the entry, here's what you saw clockwise around the room...

So many possibilities in such an architecturally cool space. Based on what little Abby and mom Chrissie liked best, I came up with this idea board for them.

And the transformation began. This wasn't a typical e-design because it involved not just decorating but also a little construction. Chrissie and I both thought that window in the closet was odd, and she thought they didn't really need all those closets anyway, so why not take that one out and gain some light and space and make it part of the room? So they did.

I also suggested having their carpenter, while he was there removing the closet and building the window seat, install a floating desk/shelf in the spot where they currently had tucked a desk. That area looks so much cleaner now.

Still waiting for the two twin beds, which will be placed under the two windows with the little pink chest between, but this wall looks great so far with that vinyl tree decal and new valances.

Didn't Chrissie do a great job?! It's awesome what magic a client and designer can work when collaborating by email. The built-ins and the painting are perfect. Love the green walls and the pink accents all balanced out with lots of white. What a lucky girl Abby is to have this space as her first big girls' room!

Want help creating your own special space? Email me about design services for both long-distance and local clients.


Ms. Bake-it said...

It looks great! I love the window seat and the desk alcove. Perfect! Lucky little girl indeed! Great colors.

~ Tracy

Rene said...

It really looks great Casey! Removing that closet was genius. The more natural light, the better.

Valerie Wills Interiors said...

Fabulous job Casey..... well done.

Fran said...

Casey, this is brilliant! Removing the closet and installing the free floating desk - so great!! This room is so adorable! Great job!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

What a sweet room. It's always amazing to me what can be accomplished via e-mail.

Project Shannon said...

It was a great call to remove that second closet. What kid wouldn't love to have that window seat. And the paint color you selected looks divine. I hope you are able to show us the final photos!

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