March 31, 2011

favorite nooks

Winter storm watch? Seriously, March? You are supposed to go out like a lamb. Anyway, on an overcast late March day with lots of heavy wet snow on the way, it feels like a good time to curl up in a favorite nook and cozy in for a long stay. Here are some of my favorites.

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house beautiful

kohler idea house

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shelter island ~ anyone know original source?

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Which is your favorite? Could you choose just one? I love the spaces under the stairs—having that low ceiling overhead ups the coziness factor.

P.S. I built a daybed! Cannot wait now to get a mattress for it so I can slipcover this baby and get comfortable!

March 30, 2011

lights and art over the sofa

Another thing I'm planning on for my little living room redo: a pair of sconces and a gallery wall above the sofa. I'm pretty obsessed with this look, and it's perfect for my cozy little space. The lights make it functional and intimate and warm. The art makes it collected and personal and casual. Together, sconces plus salon wall plus sofa equal comfortable sophistication.

kristen panitch

miles redd


miles redd

Now, where am I going to find some inexpensive sconces and a ton of cool random art? Time to start shopping and collecting.

March 29, 2011

still my inspiration

I'm still thinking of this living room seen years ago in BHG and keeping it in mind as I redo my living room because it captures everything I want. Chic yet casual, textural, fun pattern balanced out with lots of cool linens and neutrals, fresh color in pops of juicy limes and blues. And hey, even though it was featured years ago, we know it holds up well and stands the test of time. Yes, this will do just nicely.

Do you remember the rest of the home? So so good. Definitely one of my favorites with lots of creativity oozing from every little nook!

Do you have one home whose design and style feel so "you" that you'll never forget it?

March 28, 2011

the beauty of paneled walls

I've been painting trim and walls and doors in my living room all weekend, and while it's exhausting, some crisp white semi-gloss paint has really made such a world of difference in this room. It now really feels classic and timeless and stylish. Still, I wish my woodwork were in better condition (but it's original and this house is old!). I'm envious of these gorgeous walls with perfect moldings that have caught my eye lately.

living etc.



homes and gardens

Side note: What do you think of the paneled walls painted in colors, not just standard white? I like it.

March 25, 2011

decorator tag sale

It's spring cleaning time, and this decorator is clearing out and cleaning house to make room for some new things. I thought it might be fun to list just a few of these items on the blog before I post them on Craigslist to see if any of you design-savvy ladies are interested in any of it. Email me if you see something you like!

Pottery Barn palampore pillows in ivory, robin's egg, and leaf green. Set of two: $10 SOLD

Faux silk 84" curtains in aqua with chocolate embroidered trellis design. Set of two: $10

Pottery Barn wine bottle and wine glass shelves in white. Two sets (4 shelves) as shown (includes all original mounting hardware). $80

Pottery Barn linen lantern tassel floor lamp. $20

Wow, I have a lot of PB stuff, don't I? Let me know if you want it! Some items (lamp and shelves) should be picked up instead of shipped, so Boston-area peeps get first dibs.

March 24, 2011

one great way to get organized, even in the shower

I found these adorable little dishes on sale at West Elm the other day. How cute is this one?

They're all the same size with different patterns on them. I love little dishes and trays for about any room in the house. Not only do they look great, they're so useful for gathering paper clips, stamps, jewelry, perfume samples, business cards—almost any little thing you can think of.

Recently I added a glass shelf in my shower (a nicer alternative to those wire baskets, I think) and I wanted to get organized. These dishes turned out to be the perfect size and shape for neatening up cleansers, soap, and tools. Is your shower organized—or would you just like it to be?

March 23, 2011

danika brings me a gorgeous shiny thing

Okay, well it's not really shiny at all. But yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Danika of the blog Gorgeous Shiny Things and she brought me this gorgeous fabric!

I have long been wanting this fabric and I have some real plans. Cannot wait to get started.

And here we are together. I crack myself up because I look like I'm holding onto my new fabric for dear life. Danika was so sweet, and her son is totally adorable. Too bad he was feeling under the weather and really was not happy to be dragged along to a shopping trip!

We met at West Elm because it convenient but also to shop and browse. I am loving all their new spring stuff. I seriously wanted it all every time my eye landed on something new.

Loving the colors of this quilted bedding. It really gets me in the mood for warmer days and nights.

Just want to climb into this bed. Paisley and all the block prints are making me happy right now.

The butterfly and floral shower curtain that has an Anthro feel, and there are lots of great bath accessories. If I was decorating a bathroom right now, this would be my first stop.

Adorable little tufted linen settee. Affordable too.

Love the shape and finish of this lamp base.

Super heavy solid wood candle stands. Love the simple forms and the light wood grain.

So many of West Elm's displays use rustic wood pallets, and you know I love that!

So it was a fun little outing yesterday. If any of you are in the Boston area too, let me know and we will have to meet up as well! And if you haven't been to Danika's blog, you must go. I am seriously blown away by her talent and in awe of every one of her diy paint projects.

March 22, 2011

a bright, bold, and happy girl's room

The subtitle of this post could be "Or What to Do If Your Kid's Room Has Yellow Walls." Yellow walls, especially bright yellow, can be tough in any room, but I find them especially difficult to work with if a. they're in a bedroom, b. you don't want to enhance or play up the yellow c. you don't want to do neutrals with it and d. you don't diy and do not have room in the budget to hire a painter to paint over!

This is the situation a client of mine was in with their 7-year-old daughter's room. The bedroom is a very pretty but pretty bright Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow. The colors for fabrics and bedding I initially wanted to go to wouldn't work. Reds, deep blues, and kelly greens were not my client's favorites. Pink, along with the yellow, would have felt too clashing and sweet to me. I was finding it really difficult to find kid-friendly fabrics that had some yellow in them along with some other colors I could pull out. When I discovered that the daughter loves orange, I thought, bingo, because I'd found this fabric. I decided to play up a tangerine and turquoise plan. The Kiki Pinata fabric was both the inspiration for the scheme and, with its bits of yellow, the glue that tied it all together. Lots of patterns break up the expanses of yellow walls, and white furniture along with some driftwood grey tone it all down. The result is certainly colorful, but very well-balanced.

As it turns out, my clients are shying away from the bright and the bold scheme dictated by the bright yellow walls, so they are going to spend a bit to paint away the yellow. Stay tuned for version two—soft and soothing—of this room!

In need of some direction for a difficult room? Get an idea board of your own, or email me to find out more about design services.

March 21, 2011

happy spring and decorating with birdcages

I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say how relieved I am that spring is finally here. It was a tough, tough winter. The other morning I woke to the sounds of birds chirping, and it was such a hopeful happy sound I nearly jumped out of bed with joy. The return of birds has made me think of all the bird stuff that surrounds us now in the world of decorating. It's everywhere—in fabrics and wallpapers, in lamps and decorative objects.

It also reminded me of one of my favorite bird-related decor items: a birdcage. Not for birds to live in, mind you—birds should be wild and free and outdoors—but just a decorative cage, to hang or stand or mount on a wall and look very chic. Birdcages, especially antique ones, can be ornate or simple, but they are all so graphic and architecturally interesting. Sometimes just what a room needs.

I own just one, and I've painted it chartreuse and it's in my foyer. I'm not a big collector, but I could definitely get into collecting birdcages (either that or watering cans!) by visiting eBay or flea markets (Brimfield's coming up in not too long?).

Have you used birdcages in your decorating? Would you? Here's a little roundup of a few that I think look amazing.

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