February 28, 2011

short chic hair at the oscars

The honest truth is that I've never been a girl who looks great in long hair, as much as I try and try again. So I was thrilled to see so many short, chic hairstyles on display on the red carpet last night. My fave had to be Scarlett Johansson, with a loose wavy beachy bob. It's such a soft, wearable style. Totally busting out my curling iron for this look.

Then there's Cate, who always look impeccable, and last night was no exception.

And Marisa Tomei rounds out the trio. I am in love with the smooth waves, but it'd be almost impossible (for me at least) to keep this style looking perfect for more than the length of a photo op. Oh, but those earrings! So stunning.

Did you watch, at least the red carpet (best part IMO), last night? What inspired you?


Julie said...

I always cut my hair into a bob, then chicken back out and grow it out (where I currently am, that dreaded in between stage!). I loved Scarlett's hair, but I can never seem to get it to look like that!

casey at loft and cottage said...

Julie I am totally with you. I tried Scarlett's hair today too and it was a big fail. I don't know how to get those waves to angle just so...

Kate said...

Hi Case! Best part of the Oscar's...Kirk Douglas. At 92 (IMO) he stole the show. Loved how he had the nominees on the edge of their seats and kept hesitating before announcing the winner. Best hair and dress -- Michelle Williams. Can't go wrong with Chanel Couture. Wish I had the guts to get her haircut.

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