January 19, 2011

perfect pair

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What's better than a chaise? Two chaises! If you have the room, wouldn't it be fun to do two chaises instead of the typical two chairs? I picked up this image a while ago and am not positive of the source. But I do want to say bravo to the designer! Does anyone know who it is?

Sarah Richardson did it too...

How great is that shape? You can buy these chaises too—find out more here.


Ms. Bake-it said...

I love chaises. I used to have a wonderful antique chaise lounge and I made the mistake of letting someone borrow it... While it was in their care it was destroyed. I never thought to put two of them together in a room but I like the idea. If my house was bigger, I would do it.

Thanks for sharing!

~ Tracy

Laminate Flooring Pro said...

Love that idea! So unique and I agree with you, if you have the space and the right accessories, that's a perfect pair! I would love to add it to my studio, for a quiet afternoon reading session ;) thanks for sharing.

Rene said...

Yes please. Only I would be in serious trouble if there was something that comfy in my house :)


Anonymous said...

I would never get up!

And I am obsessed with the fabric on the Sarah Richardson chaises. Obsessed!

Fran said...

Never thought about have 2 chaises!! Makes perfect sense and I love the look!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

This would be perfect for reading or watching tv. My husband would love these.

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