January 5, 2011

clever wall storage

Check out these smart and totally fun wall shelves! I couldn't resist smiling when I opened up my new Country Living and saw this image. These adorable bins were made from round forms at the hardware store and wrapped in chic faux bois contact paper. For more, see the full tutorial here. Such a cute surprise when you walk in the door! 

photo: lesley unruth


Fran said...

I know....so cute, huh? It's a perfect (inexpensive) storage solution!

Rene said...

Those are so darn neat and you could use them anywhere really. I need to start looking at Country Living.


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Love this idea!

Chanee Vijay said...

love it! the perfect entryway solution. plus, that chair is so delightful!

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