December 28, 2010

a much improved picture

Santa had a big surprise for me this year! My living room has a (and makes for a) much improved picture right now.

Turns out Dad was perusing out my blog, checking out the pictures of my house decorated for Christmas when he came across this:

And he thought oh how pretty it all looked except for that ugly old tv ruining the picture. His technological aesthetic sense was quite offended. He ran right out and bought me a new tv.

Do I have the best father ever? The answer is yes. Merry Christmas to all! Hope you got all you wanted and some great surprises too.

P.S. This is just the spruce up I needed to get going on giving this whole room a facelift!


Rene said...

I'm jealous! Please give your dad a link to my blog. He will surely feel sorry for me when he sees our tv :) Would also love to have your tv cabinet. Our armoire is WAY too big.

-Rene said...

Isn't thoughtfullness so nice? You do have a great dad. Happy New Year, too, Casey!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Dads are the best! I cannot even begin to imagine what your father would think if he saw that I did not even have a TV! ;)

~ Tracy

Anonymous said...

Where is that armoire from - it's exactly what I've been looking for!

emailkateschwartz said...

wow, what a great surprise!!! you really do have an awesome dad!

Angie said...

Umm YES best Dad ever!! ;)

Fran said...

Casey, I loved this post and your Dad!! Ha!! Can your dad read my blog?? So sweet and I love your new flatscreen - it looks amazing!

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