November 11, 2010

a home office gets organized—and pretty!

Still on my list of topics to post is my own pantry organization I've promised you, but this project was too exciting not to share right away. Isn't it awesome when design affects both function and style so dramatically? My client came to me in despair because her home office was just a disorganized mess. As her business has grown, she has felt even more the pain of not having this space work for her. There was no dedicated space for anything, so everything ended up everywhere.

drowing in paper

an empty wall, and lonely chair, doesn't balance other side of room & is a missed opportunity for more storage

In the process of discussing some organizing/storage options, it came out that my client had some higher hopes for this space than just having a place to file things. Since she sometimes has clients here, she wanted it to be warm and inviting, to feel as finished and as decorated as the rest of her home, to feel feminine and pretty. A chandelier was on the list, as well as a comfortable reading spot for her kids when they visited her in the afternoons. Here's the inspiration board for this space.

The key ingredient is a decorative chest that's actually file storage, a desperately needed functional element in this working office that at the same time doesn't look office-y and instead fits the style of the rest of the house. The Ikea Expedit bookcase provides more storage near the chair, and a chandelier adds a pretty feminine touch. The pillow and art in coral and blue pull out the colors in the client's existing rug. Also on the shopping list but not pictured were all the small office essentials like magazine files, bins and boxes, file folders, etc.

The other day, my client and I got to work pulling everything out of the room, grouping items, filing, and throwing a lot away. We moved some shelves and with everything in its place started decorating: shopping for accessories around her house and selectively bringing just what was needed to give the room some life. Four hours later, voila! The space now feels warm, cozy, pretty, and most importantly this home office now works.

Boxes, bins, and baskets now provide a place for specific items that had no home before: incoming mail, business cards, notecards, letterhead, catalogs. The blue storage pieces were such a find—I love how the teal color works with the rug! A woven wicker—or at least less office-like chair—a metal wall file basket, and some more artwork are Phase Two in the design plan for this room.

Would you ever guess this piece is a file cabinet? I love how it looks just like any other beautiful piece of furniture you'd have in any room in your home. Low task lighting warms up the room, and the pillow brings the chair to life. Still to come here: mini-chandelier and bamboo shades.

This cozy spot has such personality now! The bookcase offers much-needed storage and display space, and it fills out and balances the room. Better yet: each child has their own basket here that holds their books, markers, and toys to keep them busy when they visit mom in her office. All in all, a job well done with a stylish, functional room and very happy client.

If you have a room you'd like to work more efficiently and feel more inviting, contact me about my design services. It's easy and affordable to create a home you love.


Beth said...

LOVE THIS! It's amazing what de-cluttering can do for your space. Thanks for the tips!

Fran said...

Casey, congrats -looks awesome! I love the colors of this room - yellowish walls, teal and coral/brownish accents. Beautiful!! Oh and btw, congrats on winning Bryn's giveaway!! So jealous ;)!!!

casey at loft and cottage said...

OMG, Fran, I didn't even know I won! Haven't been in blogland for a full 24 hrs and see what I miss? So excited, going there now...

Julie said...

It's just lovely! Loving the storage ideas.

Rene said...

What an amazing transformation! I love the desk tucked into the space with the arched detail. Beautiful inspiration board Casey.

Have a great weekend.

Valerie Wills Interiors said...

Casey what a great job. Looks fabulous. Well done. said...

Really nice space. Love everything you did, really.

Serviced Office Solutions said...

Indeed, nothing beats having an organised office space! Hurray to you! :)

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