November 9, 2010

etsy fave: olivemanna

Are you convinced by now that Etsy is pretty much the only place in the world you need to shop? I am. I could spend days on end shopping all over this megasite. And every day I'd find a hundred more beautiful Etsy shops to add to my favorites. The latest is Olivemanna (she also has a totally gorgeous standalone site at where you can find all manner of paper goods and packaging accoutrements. Check it out.

Just in time for Christmas wrapping too. Is it weird that I get excited about twist ties and twine?


Fran said...

No, it's not weird, I get excited about twine too!! Off to check out the store!

Rene said...

I love packaging and would have never thought to look on Etsy. Thanks.


Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

great find! thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Love the Enjoy stamp!

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